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  1. Solowheel.com is still up. I had to use duckduckgo to find it.
  2. It should work well as a beginner wheel. The larger diameter wheel made it stable enuf that I got comfortable on it pretty quickly. I didn't crash the X but the plastics seem very durable and imo would be able to take some abuse. One thing I want to point out is the low battery tilt back. It's pretty aggressive and I nearly lost control when it first occurred. I range test all of my vehicles and run them down to complete low battery shut off. I want to know exactly how far the vehicle is going to travel along with how it shuts off when the battery is depleted. Does it just shut off, tilt back etc.
  3. Got the Xtreme and took it for a range test. I was very surprised to get 11.4 miles. I went 14mph, weigh 215 with all gear on, tire at 45psi and flat ground. Wheel rides very smooth and I was pretty comfortable on it after only 10 minutes.
  4. Thx for the info. I own one of these as well. I will stash your information away in my "library" for possible future use. I'm in need of a new set of batteries, I only get 1.5 miles out of mine currently. I have contacted Focus Designs in hopes that they might be able to supply me with a set and have not gotten a reply as of yet. I've also thought about building my own set but I'm trying to take the most efficient route first.
  5. Is anyone still riding one of these? Looking for one of these to tinker with so wondering what the owners think of them. Range, mods you've done etc. Oh yeah if anyone has one they'd like to part with maybe we can work a deal.
  6. I've got a Z10. How do you find top speed in the ninebot app? I can see how fast I'm going if I have the app pulled up and I'm looking at it but otherwise how would I know what my top speed was on a ride?
  7. I did a couple of range tests on my V10 within a week of each other. I weigh 210 lb. 31 psi in my tire. Tests were on the street with very slight hills and an average speed of 19 miles per hour. 70 degrees outside. I got 22 miles of range both times. Had I known that the range would be under 30 I would have bought the v10f instead of the V10.
  8. I couldn't ride that good until week 3, very good. From my experience I should have started on a larger diameter wheel. I went from a 14-inch wheel to an 18in wheel and the difference was tremendous towards me finally being able to ride for any distance at all.
  9. I have the V10 and mten3. I'm also 5' 9" and 210. I have found for the mten3 I lock my feet tight to the sides. I also lock my legs still from the waist down. I then only lean my top half where I want to go. It works. The mten3 is so light that locking it down with my legs keeps it from moving and it doesn't get away from me. As far as the V10, even though the tire is wider, it's still not Z10 caliber and not completely stable. Even with the fact that I'm approaching 600 miles on EUC's, the V10 is taking me some time to get used to. After 85 miles on it I'm just now getting the hang of it. This tip is kind of a catch-22. You have to get the time and miles on the wheel. Problem is if you can't stay on it it's hard to get the miles in. That was my initial problem. Pick one of the two wheels and stick with it until u have 100 miles on it. You should be comfortable on it after that point. Each wheel is different and requires re-learning if you haven't been on it for a while. Don't give up. The mten3 was my savior as far as EUC riding. I had all but given up before that.
  10. Wow, same here. I started on a KS14S. After 3 weeks I still couldn't ride the thing. Got on the mten3 and after a couple minutes I was riding really good. Also bought a Z10. Was able to ride it really good within a day or two. Sold the KS14S.
  11. This is what I found that immediately worked on the mten3 from the first time I stepped on it. I start and get rolling then I lock my legs from the waist down. I hold my feet tight to the wheel. Now I lean from the waist up for the direction I want to go. Front, back, right and left.
  12. The mten3 actually assisted me greatly in initially learning how to ride an EUC. In fact if it wasn't for the mten3 I would not be riding an EUC today. I started with a KS14S as my first wheel to learn on. I purchased both the KS and the mten3 same time but the mten3 arrived later. I could not ride that 14-inch wheel at all and after 3 weeks of getting beat up I had all but given up on trying to ride an EUC. My results are probably not typical. I found that from the first time that I stepped on the mten3 that it was immediately easy and I could ride as if I have been riding for months. Maneuverability of that little wheel is phenomenal.
  13. I responded to another guy that's 55, same age as me, with some tips as he was in a similar situation. This is my opinion based on personal experience and information I have gathered from this forum and other sources.. With your weight, I weigh the same, and the inherent stability of the wheel, I would go with an 18 inch wheel that offers the widest tire available. The bigger wheels and wider tires are more stable. The suggestion you get from a number of people is to buy something not that expensive because you're going to beat it up a little bit in the beginning. While this is a valid point to consider it's kind of ironic in that most if not all of the less expensive EUC's have a smaller diameter wheel. My experience may not be typical as I did this exact thing and bought a KS14S (14" wheel) to learn on. It was less expensive so I didn't care as much about falling and beating it up, but it was so small of a wheel that it was unrideable for me. I spent three weeks beating myself up before I finally bought a bigger wheel and started being able to ride an EUC. The difference with the bigger diameter wheel and the wider tire was immediate and I've never gone back since. In the end if you decide that EUC's aren't for you, the market for them right now is such that you'll probably get most if not all of your money back if you decide to sell it. The bigger wheels appear to hold their value pretty good. My suggestion is buy the bigger wheel and pad it up and get out there and ride. I'm approaching 600 miles now on EUC's and while that's a drop in the bucket compared to others out there, getting a bigger wheel with a wider tire assisted me greatly in getting there. As far as which one's to buy, my contribution to the list is: Ninebot Z10, Inmotion V10F, and Kingsong and Gotway 18" wheels.
  14. Initially I bought the KS 14S. As a beginner wheel it was too small for me. I could not stay on that thing for any length of time at all. I then bought a bigger wheel, the Ninebot z10. Out of the box as the saying goes, it's just tremendously stable. I was finally able to put the miles in that led to me improving my riding skills.
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