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  1. I wondered the same thing when I started riding. I seemed to take more time to pick it up when compared to others. I started on a KS14S. Believe it or not after 6 weeks I still couldn't ride very far without having to ditch or fall. I was very wobbly and lacked any confidence at all. I seriously started to think it wasn't for me. I bought a Z10 and mten3 next. The Z10 provided more stability because of the weight and wide tire which is what I needed. The Z10 fast forwarded my learning process. You'd think that the mten3 wouldn't be for beginners. I took to it like I'd had it for a co
  2. They are pretty cool. I started on a Onewheel and have owned every model the company sells. I find them to be too slow and lacking battery power and I don't ride very fast to begin with, usually cruise at 19 mph on my EUC's. First 3 OW models netted me no more than 7 miles of range without doing a battery mod. The XR model will get around 12 miles with my riding and my riding conditions. Future Motion is the company behind the Onewheel. I'm hoping their next model has at least 30 miles of range and can hit 25 mph.
  3. Wow that's awesome. It was more than a month before I could ride like that.
  4. I have to say that the mten3 is what kept me in the sport. I started on a KS14S. For the life of me I could not ride that damn thing after literally 2 weeks of trying. It wasn't until I got the "silver bullet" Mten3, that I started to be able to ride. Put about 60 miles on it then got a Z10. I'm now at nearly 2000 miles and haven't looked back.
  5. These are known to run hot "out of the box" as the saying goes. I can see why. There is a very small fan and the inlet is mostly covered by capacitors so I think some of the airflow is blocked. Once the air is pushed past the control board and collects more heat there doesn't appear to be any exit for the hot air. It' appears to be a similar situation to my electric S10 where the heated air just stays inside the "plastic box". The top of the wheel in this case. Of course I'll take a closer look when it's finally shipped. The number that's been quoted has been at least 10 degrees hot
  6. Receive my 18XL in a couple more weeks. I'm going to add another fan in the area of the control board. The goal is to "evacuate" hot air around the control board and that compartment. I did this on a control box on my electric truck and it worked out very well for pulling heat out of the box.
  7. I just started to learn to ride backwards last week. I'm not really interested in riding backwards for the sake of riding backwards, I just want to be able to idle at a stop light and of course idling requires a very short stint of backwards riding.
  8. Yeah I didn't overlean for sure. My riding weight is 220#. Because of that I always ride cautiously and take it very slow on hills and there are a lot of them here in N. Virginia. I literally was going about 7 or 8 mph and wasn't accelerating. I agree with you that there was another issue in the wheel. The single battery should have plenty of capacity for the conditions I was in at that moment. I was only 7 miles into the very first ride and was riding very slowly and adjusting to the different riding characteristics. The app showed the packs at around 90% charge which should have been
  9. I had a V11. One of the battery packs didn't work at all, no voltage when I checked. It cutout on me going very slow and only 7 miles on the wheel. Like I said I'm looking forward to dissecting one of the modern battery packs and seeing what type of BMS they're using and it's design.
  10. I have to take a look "under the skirt" as the saying goes. Very interested to see what kind of BMS these modern wheels have. I've been inside every Onewheel made and all of the power runs thru those bms's. Doing the bypass on my Onewheels netted a much better riding experience in increased power, range and peace of mind knowing that I wasn't going to get a random shut off. A quiet ride is how I've dubbed it. I saw some V10 packs on eBay. After researching the bms I'll wire up the wheel so I can use the extra battery pack in parallel with my V10F.
  11. Looking for a MCM5 either version. I'm located in Northern Virginia. Thanks for your time.
  12. My flaw in the beginning was that I wasn't riding enough miles. My first group ride of 26 miles was an eye opener. Until then I'd only go out for no more than 5 miles. That was a mistake. After the 26 miler I could physically feel my riding had improved along with the riding confidence. I never looked back. I typically ride 10 miles at least 4 days per week. Weekends are good for 30 miles per day. I practice on road, off road and am currently learning to ride backwards.
  13. My V10f would not charge beyond 95% with the factory charger. I used my fast charger from ewheels and the wheel/battery pack would then charge to 100%. I have no idea if the factory charger was faulty, it became dumpster food.
  14. I wanted to add that the pics were pulled from the internet at this URL. You know, the whole providing references dealio. : p https://forum.esk8.news/t/charge-only-bms-wiring-advice/14288
  15. It's my opinion that a lot of our unexplained cutouts are bms related. I've experienced bms related cutoffs in both my Onewheels and a couple of EUC's. I had one of the first V11's and it had a faulty left side battery pack that caused a cutout. A little about me. I've been into the EUC / Onewheel arena for two years now. I'm 57 and have been an electronics tech for the last 28 years and I'm also an EV enthusiast. Not counting the dozen EUC's and Onewheels I've owned, I've also owned 6 full size EV's. Two of those were conversions one of which I completely rebuilt and upgraded from lead
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