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  1. I recently "got out of" the motorcycle hobby that I was into for about 16 years. Not because of an accident or getting older or anything like that but simply because I felt it was time. And while I loved my motorcycle hobby, I never felt the rush that I feel when I'm riding my EUC. After 30 minutes of riding the motorcycle I would be ready to stop. After 30 minutes of riding the EUC I am just getting warmed up. I can see me continuing with this hobby for many years to come and I'm interested in seeing the next style and innovations that come from the EUC companies.
  2. I agree with many here that there seems to be a great satisfaction in overcoming the learning to ride process. The learning really never stops at least for me. I started my journey with balance devices on the Onewheel. I still love it and ride it but don't get near the enjoyment as I do on an EUC. I was hooked on the Onewheel but I can say I'm addicted to my EUC's. 😆
  3. Yeah, 30psi seems pretty much perfect for me. Went on a 20-mile ride and for me it was a perfect balance both with a comfortable ride and great stability.
  4. Ironically I tried your number 1 yesterday, works good.
  5. One of the major items that attracts me and keeps me on the Z10 so much is the amount of stability whether going straight or turning. I too like hanging off the side when I'm making faster corners on the Z10. I used to do this on my motorcycles and it's very comfortable for me turning this way. I lean and grip the wheel with the outside leg and adjust my lean to make it turn as much or as little as I need to. I know that you already know how to do this and I'm throwing that information out there for people that may not understand or know how to turn in this fashion. I love this wheel.
  6. Put another 10 miles on the Z10 yesterday. Getting very used to this wheel now. Was trying out different psi settings and find that 30psi seems to be near perfect for me as far as a smoother ride and it's reactions to road imperfections. I actually thought that because of the size of the tire that the wheel would be less maneuverable but I find that for me it cuts just tightly as my 14S and is more stable doing it. At my current skill level, the 14s would have put me on my butt if I tried some of the same tight turns on it. I mentioned before about this will being a very good wheel as far as stability for a new rider. After a new rider gets past learning how to balance, the Z10 provides extra stability when going straight and turning. I still consider myself a new rider as I've only been at this little over a month and have less than 100 miles total with all of the wheels combined.
  7. I've run mine at 32 since the day I started riding it. After only a few miles it seemed to ride great and I got used to it quickly. Since I'm sometimes curious I dropped it to 26 and found the Z to be noticeably less comfortable to ride. More sloppy and loose along with the tramline effect increasing a lot. I did approx. 4 miles at this pressure and didn't get more comfortable. I put it up to 30 and did a quick test around the driveway and street. It was better but I need to get out and do some miles to be sure. Like others, I'm going to keep trying different pressure settings to see if there is that ideal one that works for me.
  8. I've ridden on the street and bike lanes in my area and 5-0 has passed a number of times and not raised an eyebrow so at least for me here in Virginia I'm guessing it's ok. I'm not going to bother looking it up anywhere and will wait for the local 5-0 to stop me if it's illegal. Ride On
  9. I have been running my Z10 at 32 psi since the first time I rode it and found that to be a good pressure as the Z10 rides well for me with that. I was curious as to how the Z10 handles different tire pressures so I tried dropping from 32 to 26 psi. Felt different enough that I was no longer comfortable on the wheel. Similar to my motorcycle with less tire psi, it felt squirrelly and loose. I tested the lower psi on the same surfaces that I had ridden on just a day prior so I could tell the difference immediately. I put the pressure back up and felt more comfortable. I think it comes down to a lot of variables as to the different psi levels that people like and use. Road surface, experience, riding style and weight of the rider are just a couple. I'll keep testing to see if there is another psi level that I like. It may end up that I stick with 32 psi. I hope to get plenty of opportunities to rack up the miles since I just got the Z10 last Friday and don't have a lot of miles on it yet.
  10. That's a good one to test. I'd like to try something like that with mine here. I'll have to see if I can find something similar.
  11. I totally agree and is a major reason that I have a real hard time with the thought of letting someone ride my wheel, even more so than the scratches or possible damage.
  12. I'm out of town so can't test different psi settings right now. I went out the other day and dropped my pressure down from 32 to 26 to see how it felt. I didn't like it at all. I had mentioned that it felt less stable which yes I agree goes against what others have posted. Maybe part of it is that I've only got 12 miles on the Z10 so far and I'm not completely used to it yet. I got back from my ride at 26 psi and pumped it up to 30. I rode for a little bit around the driveway and street to see how it felt. It felt good but I need to put some miles on it to be sure. I'll have to go back to the middle school testing grounds. I have owned/ridden a lot of sport bikes over the years and the Z10 tire/wheel setup seems very similar. My personal preference has always been to run my cycle tires at approx. 3 or 4 psi less than the max psi stamped on the tire and I've had good results with that. On occasion I sometimes would just hop on the bike and go without checking the tires and while riding notice a bit of looseness only to find out that my tire psi would be at least 10-15 lbs lower. The Z10 felt like that when I had the pressure at 26 psi. I weigh 210 lbs/95.3 kgs at present and most of the surfaces that I ride on are pretty smooth for the most part. I have to say though that the tramline effect has been pretty non-existent at 32 psi. I'll keep playing with it. I really love this wheel so I know I'll be putting a lot of miles on it.
  13. Have a look at the Gotway mten3 and see if it fits what you want to do. My initial thoughts are that it can easily handle the distance you want to travel. It's very light and small which should work for you on the subway.
  14. I currently own both of these. In my opinion either one would fit the use you described. Faster/longer group rides might be a better fit to the 14S.
  15. I agree. I put one on the first wheel I learned on and not a scratch anywhere on the plastic that it's been covering. I call it my wheel condom. You never can be too safe. 😁
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