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  1. It makes me ask you one more question @davinche : Were you using your wheel at 100% battery out at normal and lower state of battery ? By the way, what kind of default a charger can possibly have if it charges at continuous amperage ? Did we know more about this other case you just referred to ?
  2. Oh crap, I'm sorry for your loss. I'm following this case with attention. How many miles have you been riding it so far ?
  3. Hi everyone, These are good news here, here's my personal opinion : I hope there will be an all black version (and enough pcs left when I will pre order it 😅) About the amount of holes, if ever this is possible, having a transparent material instead would be great. I think I saw another BG from Turkey for the KS18(X)L which has it. If it's never possible, having as many holes as possible while it's still robust enough is great for me About the zip section, is it possible to have more photos of the above section of the wheel ? When I read you, I understood that the neoprene part you can zip is not attached to the trolley, Am I right ? The zip is a solution, but Whenever there's a problem with it .. How about the use of Velcro and a larger part above the trolley so it can cover it all when folded. And a problem with a Velcro sound less problematic for me. Just some thoughts coming up through my mind but you're the BG maker and I look forward to knowing more 😁
  4. Has this German guy did a full range test ? For the order, on 1rad site, it still seems to be not possible to order one and we neither don't know how many models he will sell nor when (except if some'someone has privileged contact with him ☺️)
  5. I've finally found the reference of the OEM The batteries are groups of NCR 21700A. So we are taking about Panasonic 18650 GA vs Panasonic NCR 21700A vs Samsung INR-21700-50E
  6. Another comparison I was interested in was between the original 21700 cells from gotway in their new Nikola 1800Wh and those used by 1rad (if there's enough elements from gotway)
  7. Hello everyone, For those who don't know, 1rad is going to release his own upgraded model of the Nikola 100v, I think he made his own batteries using INR-21700-50E cells from Samsung (which are, I guess, different from what there are in the original and new Nikola models - I don't know yet the reference of the cells) Anyone to discuss the pros and cons of those different cells to help me make my choice ☺️ ?
  8. That sounds promising Let's wait some more time then ! Btw, where did you order your new Nikola. I couldn't find any store online.
  9. J'ai trouvé preneur sur Facebook, une personne manifestant son intérêt pour ce modèle, Je lui ai fait un package pour ~1400€
  10. Hello Bec I eventually sold it in France a few times ago ! Fred
  11. Is it me or I read somewhere new MSX or Nikola models don't deal with this annoying sound anymore ?
  12. If this wheel OH @65°C, what about the MSX 1845Wh ? Has someone tried or heard about it ?
  13. fred8569


    @4:43 : It looks like a NBZ
  14. A new era has come. I'm so looking forward a full range test. Any guess anyone ? Will we finally reach 125+ miles 😅 on one single charge ?
  15. Wow, sadly amazing ! You don't think of fixing it in a near future ?
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