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  1. Very interesting point. I know when the big box mod Vapes were all the rage, 21700 were considered an inferior battery for sure. I believe Panasonic did have a good one but basically all the other 21700 were considered inferior. I'd have to do some research as I know they've came a long way in the last 2 years. Wonder why no one uses Sony batteries. I know from personal experience that they experience far lower voltage sag and have a greater lifecycle than any other 18650 batteries I've ever used. I had a couple sets of Sony VTC5s that lasted 4 years and probably around 1000 charge cycles without any real noticeable performance drop.
  2. Well, Jason is awesome. He sent out a new controller today. What a good guy. Very happy with his service.
  3. @mrelwood I did perfect calibration on jack stands today and even measured the jackstands to make sure they were the EXACT same height. To the mm perfect. Also, used a spirit level and this thing was perfectly level in every direction. One time it seemed almost fixed but it's like it's getting worse as time goes on. The thing that bothers me is that it didn't do this when I first got it. It's so bad now that in medium mode it started to almost fall on its face. Think aggressive tilt back but the opposite way. I have to come to a near complete stop for it to get level again. It's not like some super forward dip but enough to be quite annoying. I recalibrated to a slight backward tilt and this amplifies the pedal drop incredibly bad. So I calibrated it way off (like 45 degree tilt back) and if I make a left hand turn with the trolley handle the pedals actually tip almost 90 degrees from backward to forward. I'll try to post video showing it. I've emailed Jason at ewheels and will see what he has to say. It looks like this is a somewhat common thing with all gotway eucs from what I have seen.
  4. I had very similar experience yesterday on my Nikola 84v yesterday but was actually overlean/pedal dip in soft mode and while on turns in every mode.
  5. I'm interested. Im new so I can't PM. Assuming you have the box I know what shipping should cost to me so that's not a big deal.
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