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  1. Thank you ! I have Paypal as only "insurance" which is offering me to cover as it' s not been 6 months since the transaction. Hopefully they will help. I am considering getting a lawyer as well but for such a small amount I don' t know if that's worth the case. Thanks for your help and for taking the time to answer ! David
  2. Hey everyone . It' s been a while I have been offline, as you all may have noticed. I am so grateful this blog exhists, as it is one of the few places I can share the experience so far, apart from the emails I am sending to ninebot and Segway from weeks now. It appears there whereas for the same problem Gotway and Inmotion took only 3 weeks to repair my tyre, Segway is now keeping my wheel in hostage since October. The repair company that takes care of Segway Spain products is Sertec, and since the payment for the repair, that has been happening now 3 months ago, I ke
  3. Hey guys. How are you. Hate to say it, but I am going to avoid the same words of Stanor.. I just did the same. Button pressed while changing the pressure, fucked everything up. What a freak. Does anyone know the price / average of replacing the whole tire ? Shall I send it to Segway or can I do it myself ? Thank you. David
  4. Hi again everyone ! I tried looking on every website and tutorial online but there just seems not to be the information , neither on blogs, vlogs, official Ninebot page and ninebot App Store tips... I am enjoying a lot my new z10 but touching the app before, I just saw this : Does any of you know what it does "max speed in limit mode" mean ? I have switched to all of them but saw no noticeable change. Also. I have the sensation I do not get the tilt back. Only sound at 45 km/h (which I barely hear and that was without a helmet!?!?!?) I think this is way too
  5. Amazing thank you . I lubed it and the noise appears to be gone ! I overthought - this kind of long lasting (I guess, I hope!) mechanical arms are always gneeky in the begin of their life. And it was the fact it was dry that made that weird noise when changing the weight balance . An enjoyable ride now and silent !! PS: I am just so satisfied with this wheel ! Every km I do I feel it more and more. Although, I have to be honest....still a lot of weird sensation . Thanks for the tip @Planemo See you soon !
  6. Hi everyone ! First of all thanks to everyone for the useful information I found so far, I have been reading a lot on this forum before to change from my V8 to the Z10. I have to say like everyone, that it' s kind of re- learning as , even after 3500 km on the V8, both the wheel anatomy and weight, balance of the Z10 itself Is very different from the V8. But I am here to launch a question to the owners of a z10 , which I couldn't find replies to on this forum or any other . After only 15/20 km on the wheel, I started to hear (and still do) a weird old woo
  7. I am sorry to say, but I think you damaged the rim.. meaning it' s not perfectly round anymore and hence you feel the up/down movement. You may want to buy a new one, try to call your seller!
  8. Hi everyone ! I know have 3000 Km on my Inmotion V8 and decided to switch to Z10. Is there any people on the website from Ibiza that would like to go for a group ride around town / the island in the next days ?
  9. So happy to be on this page ! thanks for the useful info
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