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  1. Haha.. Are you the one with KS 14D white wheel? Want to meet up sometime for a Uni ride? Maybe I can learn something new and plan on cancelling the sale
  2. Selling a Electric Unicycle. Location - Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA. Brand - King Song 16s Condition - Very Good. There are scuffs and scratches on pedals and a few on body from regular riding. More scratches on the paddles than body. Pictures are posted on facebook and ebay. Sorry for not posting pics as I couldn't here on the forums. Ridden - 47 Kms ~ 29 miles Included free in the box - Fast charger (New costs $100+) and wrist guards (New costs $15) Shipping to US only - Free (UPS Ground shipping) Reason for selling - Not much use and doesn't solves my purpose as is too heavy to carry it in buses and keep it in my locker. No returns/refunds/replacements/exchanges. Please let me know if you have any questions.
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