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  1. Yes, the pedal angles seem correct. Thanks
  2. My brand new S18 leans heavily into my left leg. I am getting no resolutions for this. Has ANYONE had this? I've raised the pedal on the right side, thinking by putting more pressure on that pedal it might make the wheel more upright. It isn't leaning just a little bit, it puts way too much pressure on my left leg and of course wants to steer to the left. I have over 4,000 miles on my 18XL so I am not a novice. I have ridden it nearly thirty miles. Yes, I can ride it but it should not be like this. Any ideas?
  3. I got my new S18 on Friday. I am very pleased with the wheel with one exception. It leans heavily into my left calf. I've tried different foot and leg positions but it simply leans hard into my left calf. The pedals are the same height. I have emailed eWheels and they have given me a couple of ideas that haven't worked. I will try calibrating to see if that might possibly help. I rode over 4,000 miles on my 18XL. I thought maybe I just needed to put a few more miles on it to get more comfortable. The ride is similar to the 18XL but the pushing into my calf is a no go. Hopefully, I'll get it r
  4. I am 71 years old. I bought my first EUC, King Song 18XL, four months ago. The two week learning process was difficult. I have now ridden over 1,600 miles. My mileage has slowed because the police have stopped me three times for riding on bicycle/hiking paths. They consider me a motorized vehicle. All three told me I can ride on city streets. Yeah, sure. Anyway, I absolutely love riding this thing. I feel like I am on a magic carpet ride with the freedom it affords. Someone told me that at my age it is the most fun I'll have with something between my legs. Ha!
  5. So, I was out riding my electric unicycle again today. I got stopped for the THIRD time by the Oklahoma City police and was told very clearly that no motorized vehicles are allowed on the new bike trails. It is very disheartening to me. I was told I can ride on any city street. The policeman was very nice but very emphatic. They had run my concerns by the city attorney (after my two previous stops and discussions with them) and the police are allowed to ticket us for being on the bike trails. He did not give me a ticket or a warning. This all but makes my electric unicycle useless to me as I w
  6. The trails at Stanley Draper are not really trails, as such. It is all brand new paved roads for bicycles, walkers, joggers, etc. It is supposed to be completed in early October. I went out yesterday and rode thirty miles. It is a great place and very safe. Just don't go real fast around walkers, kids, or joggers. It appears that you also fly a powered paraglider. I have been flying the same Fresh Breeze for fifteen years. I am out at Lake Draper at least five days a week. The best place to park is at the marina area. There is a brand new, huge, parking lot. You can Google the address. There i
  7. Hi Gary, I am new to the EUC community. I am 71 years old and bought my first wheel ... King Song 18XL ... last month. I live on the SE side of OKC so all my riding now is at Lake Draper. I've already been pulled over by a cop on the new trails out there and told I could not ride on the trails. He couldn't tell me any ordinance stating that. I had an ordinance which states that e-bikes have all rights as other bikes. It is up for dispute. I called the Parks and Recreation department and received a pretty good vibe from them that they will possibly allow E-bikes on the trails. They will ha
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