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  1. Did you ever find the cause of the wobble? I saw a video on youtube about the polymer gear wear on the gearbox, see replacement video in deutsch, but you'll get the idea
  2. I've heard others, the gear noise is normal but the oscillation is like a motor is pulsing and I can now sense it wiggle the the noise waffle. Ninebot is taking it in for a look after seeing my video, I'll let you know what they find.
  3. Did you ever get an answer from Ninebot? I just took delivery of mine 8-19-2019 and it's identical seems like a harmonic function of the bounce of the tires making the tilt of the platform oscillate, once it starts the bounce it continues until slowing below 18 kph, maybe boost tire pressure a couple lbs 2-3 and see if different, will be a harsher ride
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