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  1. Just put the CST 186 on a RS and I'm in love with that tyre.... Amazing!
  2. Ciao a tutti, mi chiamo Nicolo e ho aperto una chat su Telegram che si chiama @nordesteuc Unico scopo della chat è di far mettere in contatto i riders del Nord est Italia... Se vi fa piacere..... siete i benvenuti 👍👍👍
  3. hello guys, I have read about your solutions you and @StealtPhoenix and it would be important to know if the problem has been definitively solved, in this case let us know unfortunatly my "tock" comes and goes randomly! Just to Know a wheel friend has found an interesting solution to the "dirt and the like" problem I post the link: https://www.facebook.com/100020450169922/videos/692036861487980/ is working on a final version
  4. These are two, or more, different problems! 1 the "tock" sound 2 Bearings rust problem (the design weakness of the hollow / bearing system) What I can say about the "tock" is that the problem comes and goes ... it has been absent for a few days but today, putting the slime on the tire and turning the wheel with my hands, I felt it again albeit very weak! I got on the wheel and did 10 km without feeling anything. So for sure I think it's bearing-related (misalignment?) But water and dirt retention issues are another issue that somehow Ray tried to fix in his videos. (sorry
  5. I just bought an RS, unfortunately it came without the seal! could you tell me how i can find something suitable to make it myself? Thanks bye
  6. Unfortunately, the HS110 in Italy costs much too much, is above 47 euros on amazon Teckin is a cheap and valid socket
  7. I try to report my experience: as soon as my RS was delivered to me I got on it and after about 15km I started hearing the famous perfectly rhythmic tock tock rock. At the suggestion of a friend, after returning home, I disassembled and pulled out some motor cable and the famous tock is gone! Clearly I was happy and blamed the problem on the cable. The fact is that the famous noise showed up three more times and finally disappeared. (for the moment ?!) My RS took no hits, no water, nothing ... That's are the fact... Meaby we are all talking about two or more different problems with one onl
  8. At the beginning I was very happy with the behavior of my RS! Thinking I have a wheel that will almost certainly cause problems makes me angry. It would be interesting to read some statistics on how many RS cycling fail, Spedyfeet in England traveled 650km in the typical English climate (very wet) without problems. The Click I have on my RS has disappeared by itself, at first I thought it was a problem with the outgoing motor cable, Gotway assistance just sent me two spare bearings that look different from the ones I saw in the picture.
  9. It's happen also to my RS! the CLICK comes and go sometime.....
  10. Great review and I'm I gonna buy for my RS soon
  11. Open right panel and take out 3/5 cm of Motor cable and fixit in some Way.... I got same Problem !!!
  12. but the CST how does above 40 kmh behave compared to 5167 ?
  13. I think you had a good idea, let us know how you are! I also have the 18L and it is perfect!
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