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  1. @benkim Out of curiosity, how much?
  2. Hmmm,i guess i liked the ks18s for the 28 inch height with seat,seems weird that the smaller ks18xl has the 2000w motor. I like the idea of sitting,which is why the ks18s was appealing , not that I've tried sitting,I have an old msuper and a ninebot one E+,but the taller profile intuitively makes more sense for sitting to me. The appeal of the msx is the offroad capabilities, higher speed,higher pedal clearance,better hill climbing. Truthfully, the ks18s's height and seat combo were what sparked my interest,that and larger pedals and being able to set incline on them,mostly for long rides,that's pretty much it,oh and durability. Otherwise,the msx is probably more suitable for my needs. BT speakers are novel,but not a necessity. The seat on the squat msx doesn't look like a natural or comfortable ride,but everything else about it besides the flimsy shell sound like what I want. I did wreck pretty bad on my msuper a couple of weeks ago due to cut off at 20mph, and am still hobbled by it( mangled my knee,broke 2 toes,dislocated my shoulder and LOTS of road rash), so safety all of a sudden became important. Also,the wreck did sheer off some screw holes on the msuper. I still can't ride,I can barely walk,so I guess I have a little more time to choose. I have the money and have been peppering poor Jason from ewheels with a litany of questions and emails,so I want to order soon so he doesn't think I'm stringing him along and make it worth his time and patience! Again, I'm most likely going for the msx, I'm just having that last minute waffle and wanna give the ks18s its final chance,maybe something I didn't know might pop up,maybe I just have cold feet,either way I appreciate all your input and help.
  3. I'm about to order a new wheel( likely this week)from Ewheels, I'm pretty certain i want the new MSX,but for a bit there,the KS18S was seriously in the running. I just wanted to do one last glance back at that possibility before I put a ring on that finger. I've watched all the comparison vids I can find,reviews etc.,but I figure some of you have one or both,and can either confirm my choice,or cause some last minute reconsideration.
  4. @zege, yep,and of course I had the first 2 alarms off,what I didn't know is that the tilt back was also off. I can't find the tilt back settings in the that old app for the first Msupers. I remember when I had that app on my old phone it was there,but I can't seem to find it now. You wouldn't happen to know how to find it in the app,would you? Somehow,maybe when my old phone died it reset everything to some weird settings, it was back at beginner mode,slower,and no tilt back. I was able to put it back in "Madden" mode once I finally got my wheel to connect to the app that @Martybacke linked,but couldn't find tiltback... so now I'm stuck on a couch letting my knee heal for a bit,I'd love to use the time to get that old Msuper back up and running..and safe! I did crack the shell and mangle it a bit,so I have some superficial work to do on it too.
  5. Yup,that's the one that bit me! I can't find tilt back mode on the app. I vaguely remember having that option in the app on my old phone,but I can't find it. If I hit "advanced settings" it directs me back to main menu. I must have disabled it at some point,now I can't find it. The old app isn't very informative, it's just got settings like "Madden mode",and "comfort mode" and some basics like recalibration etc. but I don't see tilt back anywhere.
  6. Btw,the Gotway Msuper I have is old,first gen,so I know the cut off is awfully close to the beep and,there's no tilt back on mine,so even if there is no wheel without a cut off,even a good distance from beep to cut off will suffice.
  7. So,I'm new to this forum,I was looking for a new wheel and wanted to seek out advice and opinions on other wheels etc. I've recieved a lot of insight that's been tremendously helpful. I'm still new to EUC's,but I've got around 1,400 miles between my 2 wheels,so I figured it's time to level up. I have a ninebot one E+,and an old Gotway Msuper. Long story short,I was having issues connecting the old gotway app Marty Backe posted( my old phone died),but finally got it to connect. I reset the speed,and like a dummy I jumped on it without the protective gear I usually always wear just to see how much speed I gained. I was only gonna go out my drive way and go a few hundred feet and come back. There is a radar and speed sign about 200 ft from my mailbox and I wanted to push it it hard for a second and see what my mph was. You all know where this is going.. It really started beeping at 18 mph,I pushed it until the sign read 19mph and wanted to see if i could get 20....and,it oversurged and it cut out. Sooo,I'm bandaged up right now pretty good,and have a new criteria for my next wheel! Obviously I can't be trusted to respect the beeps on my own like a grown up,so I'm wondering what wheels just will simply limit the speed before it gets to a cut off point and not just cut off to prove I'm a dum dum for pushing it. My top picks up till today are the new KS18S,the new MSX or the monster 22 inch( many of you have changed my mind about the monster,so it's less likely), all of these are significantly faster and more powerful than anything I own currently. I was pretty much settled on the MSX,but I thought I remember reading a review somewhere that the KS18S doesn't cut off,am I remembering that correctly? If not, is there a wheel like that doesn't . I don't remember where I read or saw that,and I've been reading and watching revues pretty obsessively the last few weeks,so I don't know if I'd be able to find that revue if it did exist. I know some of you have these wheels,maybe you might have those answers. Thanks!
  8. I have an Msuper,first gen,i believe. Does anyone know what the max speed is on them is? I can't find any info or specs on this thing.
  9. It's definitely the one you posted,and it wants my phone number and motor number. I certainly appreciate your help and don't mean to frustrate, I swear! I had a hard time last time I loaded the old Gotway app as well. My Msuper is old( first gen),and I'm pretty sure the one you linked is the only one that'll work,I've tried all the newer gotway apps. You don't happen to know what the max speed on the old Msupers is by chance? You seem pretty knowledgeable about different wheels.I think I've gotten mine to 18mph,but it seems like that big wheel should go faster,and that's the main reason I'm searching for the app so I can hopefully, with the help of this forum,get the most from my Msuper. 14 mph max on the ninebot 1E+,and currently not much more on the Msuper is frustratingly limiting my fun!
  10. Thanks,but that's the same one I tried. I'm pretty sure it's the one I want,just can't get past the motor code verification. My Gotway Msuper is old,first gen I think.
  11. So,I tried the Gotway non social android app that Marty Backe linked and another dual language one someone else posted and I get to log in screen and it prompts me to type motor number,I've tried it both with the letters and numbers, and just the numbers and it keeps failing. I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong. It looks like the app I had on my old phone,but can't get past motor number registry,does anyone know how to navigate past this? I do remember having a hard time with that app on my old phone,but I can't remember if it was the same problem, or if it was,how I overcame it
  12. I get to log in screen and it prompts me to type motor number,I've tried it both with the letters and numbers, and just the numbers and it keeps failing. I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong. It looks like the app I had on my old phone,but can't get past motor number registry
  13. I get to log in screen and it prompts me to type motor number,I've tried it both with the letters and numbers, and just the numbers and it keeps failing. I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong. It looks like the app I had on my old phone,but can't get past motor number registry
  14. Thanks for all the input guys,I've got a lot to think about,I'm still a month or two away from pulling the trigger on a new wheel,so I will likely have more questions. This is the first forum I've joined and I'm already glad I have. One other thing to consider is ,where I live is very sandy, and I've been tossed more by loose sand than anything else,so I guess that's a pretty important concern. I just watched the video that @Marty Backe posted,and it seemed like the z10 handled that well. I have looked into the MSX,and I will check out the Nikola and others as well. I am certainly open to all suggestions and look forward to hearing from ya!
  15. @houseofjob I'm about 40 minutes outside Houston in Plantersville,right where the Texas Renaissance Festival is,near Magnolia. I do get out the Austin way now and again. I've got a lot of friends and some of my bandmates there. Thanks for the offer,I'll let you know when I'm out that way. It won't be for a bit,the fair here is gearing up to open in a month and a half,and I've got a lot of set up to do. If you happen to want to come to the fair ,I can hook you up with comp tickets and maybe we can ride out here as well. I haven't looked for local EUC groups,mostly cuz I'm out in the boonies and the closest would likely be Houston, but I'll check. I do have a big job to finish at Sherwood Forest Renaissance Festival near Paige ,outside of Bastrop, I don't know when yet,schedule is a bit packed right now,but I'll let you know. Thanks again!
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