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  1. So I updated my wheel last night and WOW what a difference! Pedals feel so much stiller, so much more torque!! I did find myself approaching max speed a lot more easily though, so be careful Update Process: - Updated using kingsong app on android, sat spinning for 15 minutes and did not finish. - Turned off the wheel then back on again. Wheel seemed to function fine but the LEDs were going bonkers. - Updated using the "EUC World" app with no issues. Took about 3 mins. Observations: - Firstly, WOW so much more torque!!!! The wheel feels much stiffer and more responsive ov
  2. I definitely agree with speakers/LEDs to some extent. Speakers I have never used so really don't mind. Just a basic beeper for speed alerts is fine. LEDs...I don't think they're essential, but given as I ride at night a lot, it is nice to know that it makes me more visible. Trolley handles though....having come from a wheel without it, to the KS18XL which does have one...oh god I will never go back. Its just so nice and I don't really know how I lived without it.
  3. Video here: https://streamable.com/kghqh Whenever I exert too much sideways pressure either by going on one foot or turning too harsh, my ks18l makes a strange noise. Wheel seems to perform fine but am worried if this is an issue or an indication of a problem later down the line. Anyone else have this? I'm a fairly heavy rider at 110kg so it could just be that but wanted to check
  4. Yeah I'm loving my KS18L atm Didn't go for the XL as I don't need the range. My commute is fairly short. And anything long I'd drive. More just cause Its fun and easier to get to work which is a bit too far to walk but just right on a bike or EUC. The KS18L is super comfortable. Though I'm still getting some foot pain due to not having ridden an EUC in a year or so. I was mainly just curious because so many people seem to go for the MSX instead of the KS18XL and I couldn't find any information as to why. I don't think i'll be upgrading or getting a different wheel until something mu
  5. So I recently got a KS18L and i'm loving it so far. However I've seen a lot of people choosing the Gotway MsuperX as the "ultimate" EUC currently. If money was no limit, I'm not entirely sure what would make the MSX better or worse than the KS18L? Has anyone here tried both much and could comment? Also how does the monster 100v compare to either of these wheels other than just having a faster top speed?
  6. I've got a KS18L. So far done about 40 miles on it. However its not my first EUC. Got my first about 6 years ago. Currently I can only set the speed upto 40kmh otherwise the app shows a chinese warning/error message upon pressing confirm. (i'm on android) Does anyone know if its possible to unlock the full 50kmh speed now? Or do I just need to suck it up and do the full 200km first? thanks!
  7. Just updated my wheel to v1.13 today (was 1.11 when I got it). Does anyone know what the changes were for this update?
  8. Just curious as to if anyone here has ever been stopped by police on their EUC? I've had my new one a few days and have been past plenty of police who don't seem to mind. Though I know that "Technically" they aren't legal. I'm always wearing full protective gear and a high vis vest. Both so that I can be seen, and also so that to law enforcement I'm clearly making the effort to be seen by drivers and be safe. I figure they'd be much more likely to take issue if I was just whizzing around in dark clothes etc Anyone here ever had any trouble with police? If so what happened?
  9. I've created a server that was originally intended to be an easier way for the southwest E-riders to meetup and chat, discuss and share experiences/photos/videos. Though I figured might as well get other UK guys in here! Sections have been created for various areas of the UK. https://discord.gg/fZNzC4h If you're in the UK it would be awesome to have you join!
  10. Ive put in an application to that group (cameron) and you'll likely get one from my housemate Alex soon
  11. Nope new rider Well sort of new. Ive actually had an airwheel x3 since about 5-6 years ago. And now have a KS18L. Housemate has a Onewheel on the way which should arrive in about a month.
  12. Just wondering if there are any other riders about near bournemouth/southampton? I have a KS18L, my housemate has a Onewheel and I've seen another onewheel user in the university. If anyone wants to meetup for a ride at somepoint that would be awesome!
  13. Heyo! I'm in bournemouth! I've got a kingsong KS18L and my housemate has a OneWheel pint. Would be great to meet up sometime!
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