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  1. Mexico positive, however the sidewalks are really bad full of cracks even on the downtown area, it is like riding offroad all the time, however as far as the law it is positive.
  2. In the USA everything is patentable if one has sufficient cash that is one reason the Chinese ignore the US patent system since it has become a joke that is used for making money. All it does is grant a monopoly in exchange for money same thing the mafia does in many countries the mafia calls it insurance but in the end is money in exchange for the priviledge of having a monopoly. Even the Linux OS was patented by some unkown guy who was not the creator, patent which became void after a very expensive legal process by several companies.
  3. My recomendation from best to good, best on top, also the price is in order from high to low, but the gap in price between a ips 350T+ and a e+ is very small only that the e+ is much more available. All of these use the same 16" tire. Ips 350T+, very solid, very reliable, fast 23 km/h, good for hills, control board 12 mosfets enclosed in aluminum case, extremely reliable. 1000w officially and real power could be a little under 1000w since it is not twice as powerfull as a e+, but more powerfull than e+.pedals not good 20cm with groove in the middle. Bluetooth app available. Ninebot e+ , reliable, very fast 22km/h, ok on hills, 12 mosfets on control board, tendency to overheat, official power 500w real power seems higher, good torque but ips 350T is better. Out of these 3 these are the best pedals 22cm a little short but no groove in the middle. Best bluetooth app. Airwheel x8, low price, very solid, very reliable, less powerfull than e+, slow 12km/h, motor 800w it seems it is 800w peak, nominal around 500w. Small battery pack, worst pedals 16cm long with groove in the middle. No bluetooth app. Only get the X8 if low on cash, since the e+ and 350T are both much better, I only recomend the x8 for being cheap, solid and reliable. Not fast. Not long range. Lhotz, kingsong, gotway are outside your price range.
  4. Here is the manual. It is most likely usefull for testesting the motor only not the controller since our controller use a gyro and not a throtle. However for the controller it may work by simulating a throtle by inclining the board. On the motor it will test the phase wires and hall sensors, and also report the hall angle of the motor. It uses 9 volts, it does not sit in between the control board and motor. It should work on 84v motors if the motor is spinned slowly by hand so that it does not generate a huge voltage. It does not test the speed of the motor. I ordered one recently from ebay only $1 more then aliexpress. UsingTheLyenEbikeTester.pdf
  5. The voltage is fairly accurate the reading on the app is off by 1 volt, 1 volt lower, however the watt hours are completly off. If you want the batteries to last do not overcharge if money is not an issue get the satiator which is the best charger that I have seen otherwise use the charge doctor which tries to do the same differently. With the satiator you have complete control of the charge cycle, with the charge doctor you can create a cutt off based on the current being charged to avoid overcharging, and if desired undercharging. The only thing you need to worry on hills is not to overheat the control board, hills draw a lot of power and the control will overheat.
  6. In regards electric bikes they can be very powerfull for example check out qs motor, chromotor, crystalite crown just to name a few. Good controllers allow up to 100v and 150A so definetly they are more powerfull, and the motor winding can be as you need since there are slow and fast winding motors available, they use more watts since they are heavier, but as far as power goes there are very powerfull bikes available, for example the b52 bomber bike. EUC will get there since they are severy lacking in torque and power, the market is concerned with speed hopefully that direction will change since it makes no sence to ride at 40km/h without any torque available.
  7. His unicycle got confiscated by not having insurance that show a deep level of corruption by UK judges and legislators since they are fully aware that unicycles can not be insured and that insurance for unicycles do not exist, if a judge asks for something that he knows does not exist that is beyond the law that is called corruption. In the USA there are similar levels of corruption for example gasoline motorized bicycles in California are legal acording to article 406a, but the article says they have to be registered, and I was told that I had to register the bicycle and get plates, I went to DMV and got a temporary permit since they had no clue on how to proceed several weeks later I get a notification that my registration is void. I go to DMV and I am told by them that only vehicled that have a VIN can be registered, then I ask them what do I need to do and they reply " nothing it is a bicycle and we do not register bicycles, we only register vehicles that have a VIN", well acording to Californiia law a bicycle with a motor of under 2 HP and with an speed under 30mph is allowed on the roads based on article 406a as long as it is registered, but such a registration is not allowed since bicycles do not have a VIN. So this is the case of a junk law in which compliance it is impossible.
  8. The best method is the one used by IPS where the control board is on an aluminum enclosure, not only the aluminum enclosure protects the control board from dirt and water, it also improves cooling. King Song could do the same so even if water got in the case the control board would be protected. Also KingSong needs to oversize their control board since they can not handle the load from the motor properly, all it takes is a heavy rider over 100kg, a long steep incline of over 10 degrees, and a warm day and the control board is history, proper cooling and being able to handle the power from the motor it is a safety concern since when the board is drawing too many amps or its very hot it becomes unreliable.The KS18A it is a very good wheel but like most wheels it needs a better control board.
  9. It has been said by Gotway themselves "it is the same motor". So it is an equal motor, the extra power comes from running the motor at 84V vs 67V. But by being the same motor it is incorrect to say it is a more powerfull motor.
  10. Raptor, where did you get the ks18a dyno tested? How much did the test cost?
  11. Venting air from the top works. I did that as an experiment to fix the cooling problem, but I also added heat sinks under the board, the problem by having the wheel open on top is potential water entry. I hope kingsong makes the top cover with the cooling vents available for sale since the cooling needs to improve on the original ks18a
  12. I would like to add that max safe speed for a heavy rider is lower than max safe speed for a light rider since the heavier rider to be safe will requiere greater torque than the light rider, which means the heavier rider will have to significantly reduce the speed more then the light rider to have more torque at the same power. So a speed that could be consider safe for a 60kg rider could be very dangerous for a 120kg rider on a bad road and a windy day. The minute you go over a bump on the road the extra power is needed otherwise it is a faceplant.
  13. Fully I agree, it is a problem, that hopefully as the market increases someone steps in to sell high end hardware. It happened with ebikes, it is a matter of time for it to happen for electric unicycles. In the case of ebikes it is possible to buy really high end stuff currently, years ago it was not the case, but on ebikes it happened once the market grew and was no longer a tiny market, if the electric unicycle market grows it will also happen with electric unicycles.
  14. On a really powerfull motor it will not be weight dependent since this should never happen the tilt back will kick in much before the cutout, on a weak motor it is weight dependant since the motor no longer has the power to balance and the cutout occurs before the tilt back which is what happens in the last part of the video and the rider only weight 65kg, the cutout would happen much sooner with a 120kg rider since it takes more power to balance a hevier person, and if it is a tall heavy person much more power it is needed, also at that speed the wind resistance begins to play a role. By strong/weak motor I mean the combination motor and battery pack. Be safe buy wheels with lots of torque and power, and avoid the max speed.
  15. Yes but the problem with the 40A 12 mosfets from Microworks is that it is not available for sale as a control board it is only available as part of a complete Unicycle. For all practicall purposes that makes the board useless for most of us. They only sell the low capacity 6 Mosfet type rated at 500w. It would be a great board if they only sold it.
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