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  1. Although we're sure the majority of those in this forum is an experienced hoverboard rider, newcomers should be aware of the following hoverboard laws and concerns in California. Here are some main takeaways from our blog if you're curious: Under California Assembly Bill No. 604, which went into effect Jan. 1, the use of hoverboards, categorized as “electrically motorized boards,” is prohibited on highways when the rider is under the influence of drugs or alcohol. The new law also requires hoverboard riders to wear helmets when riding on highways, bikeways or other public trails, sidewalks or bike paths. Riders must be at least 16 years old to operate the devices. Before January 2021, the Commissioner of the California Highway Patrol will report to the state Legislature about the effects hoverboards have on traffic safety. Individuals injured by a hoverboard on the job may be eligible for benefits through the California workers’ compensation system. Check out our post for more info: https://www.appellawyer.com/blog/california-hoverboard-laws/
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