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  1. Yes🤔 same lion batteries with limited voltage and current are the ones burning out motor on a wheel and frying control board? Maybe engineers didn't calculate properly before built?
  2. @mrelwood...3 questions you might love to take personal.. 1. What is the role of a mosfet on a BMS board? 2. When a BMS fails what actually got damaged on the board? 2.what can possibly damage a BMS or its mofset? Riding experience/mod idea on a unicycle is not enough electrical/electronics knowledge
  3. have you ever wonder what causes BMS to fail on wheels? First is the charging state; overvoltage + over current...(input) If the power from your electricity could damage chargers and other electrical appliances, how much more a detective charger to a BMS which is just there to manage. Example: When you plug in an 84v charger to a 60v battery pack it gets heated in minutes without been fully charge, this i think is the case. BMS on the KS16X didn't fail rather the defected charger gave a higher input (overvoltage + over current)(over 84v + over 5A) the BMS are programamed to shut down overvoltage and not current. Again, battery got over heated and BMS didn't detect it because battery was not fully charged at that point to cut off overvoltage, this is common with hoverboards, etc. avoid cheap and poorly built chargers. Slow charge= slow discharge/healthy battery life Fast charge= fast discharge/reduces the battery life span
  4. This information is not true!!! about KS16X.... Why will it be a Kingsong and not Goyway in this knock down campaign? A faulty charger is the case, kingsong has nothing to figure out with charger producers... Neither do charger producers with kingsong (a bad charger should be replaced simple) 5A fast charger on KS18X 84v is same as every other 84v wheel regardless of name, size, speed or capacity. KS16X is currently the best 16series wheel on planet earth, it is well engineered and nicely built and holds a position in the top 3 wheels.
  5. How much are you asking for the inmotion V8? Is the wheels in top condition? I will pay for shipping...
  6. Thanks for been honest, i am a search for the shell and board which needs replacement If any help with where to get it online please leave a link. Again, are you 100% sure the rated 1000W motor, 850Wh battery and everything else is fine? please check motor and board and confirm which is good or if both are bad. Meanwhile upload detailed photos of the wheel
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