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  1. If you are or reside in Spain Wallapop is a good start point.
  2. Hi Pere; Just have seen you bought the great kingsong 16s from myewheel. Good election !!; I recently bought Inmotion V8 from EPTV (good service),, 643 €,,, Yes I know Kingsong 16 is much better, but IV8 is also a very good cheaper option, and as I'm a little beginner, I'll continue practicing until K16S; I'll hope you enjoy your new wheel, !
  3. Hi Pere. I’ve been for so long looking for best place to buy Kingsong ks16s just like you. Im from Spain Granada, looking for my second wheel after been happy for 4 months with a second hand NBC + . And so I’m doubtful about AliExpress or something else. Check this seller too (but I do not know if it is ok): https://myewheel.com/kingsong-ks-16s-840wh/ Get lucky and tell me when you buy how things have gone.
  4. No, I´m simple thin body about 60 kg, my NBOC+ move me without problems..... Yes, mostly on streets but do not forgett ocasional country trips.-
  5. Very good aclaration and report about battery loads and models. Also your personal opinion is to have in mind,,, Yes, Nikola (as is told in the ebay web) is about 650 Wh. The main conclusion I take from all this lines is that Nikola is stronger and more versatile wheel, Also I noticed Aliexpress options, but, I´m not sure about the security buying things there, so far away (you know what I mean?) Thanks a lot for your suggestions Meepmeepmayer.!:-)
  6. Matthieu, a very good description on what is each EUC and a helpful advice; Price is also a good reason to have in mind, now IV10 is about 1100 € and Nikola 600wh about 1200 € (ebay), so very similar money to pay. Mainly wanted for city, but without forget to make a little trip to countryside, offroad. Now, it is not my intention to ride on city road by now. 10 Km at day will be the usual. 18L/XL exceed by now my options, but I'll be open in future. Have in mind I´m still a newbie Thanks a lot for suggestions!
  7. Hi Gotmotion, thanks for help and suggestions !. I live in Granada, and the option that you gave me to go to Madrid is a little bit difficult, but it´s a good idea to stay in touch with them. Also of course I feel the EUC addiction you refered, many think I´m crazy. Some tell me it is fantastic ... EUC riders here are a strange vision. Now I´m very happy with my NBO C+, I love it, and it does well, but sometimes I´m frightened about the chance of a cutoff, mainly uphills with half the battery, Also I´d like to ride off-road more confortable, as I have read in comments regarding IV10 or Nikola. Thanks again !
  8. Thank you Darrel and Mono, I’ll give a try for Nikola; you cleaned all my doubts.
  9. Hi friends. First time I write here, as I am a new EUC-fan, only 2 months more or less I have been riding a fantastic Ninebot C+ which I love.... But now is time to change and get a better wheel, not only because security as for performance and distance too, and sometimes off-road ways (not too heavy!) And I would like to ask for advice between INMOTION V10 or NIKOLA 84V 2000W 680Wh. Any opinions ?? Thanks and sorry my english.
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