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  1. As an update to the post I just attempted to create, since I can't turn on the device (only the light comes on when I hold the power button), I can't connect the the app. I guess I'm going to have to take an uber to one of the shops though, since I don't have a car and carrying 55lbs a few miles will be excruciating and next to impossible for me.
  2. Thank you, you're the first to mention the motherboard or a service center. I never even conected via the app, so I'm attempting that as I write this post.
  3. Hey all, so I bought this KS 18L off ebay about a month ago. It came with the EUC and 2x chargers, that's it, no manual, and I figured I'd figure out how to learn it. I'm big into my esk8, so I use that all the time instead. Now, my decision became to sell this. I met up with someone earlier today, everything was good. To get back home, I used my esk8 while carrying this on the side with the power on. About a quarter mile from my place, something happened and the power seemed to have shut off as I was going ~20kmph on my esk8, snapping the handle and making me drop the EUC. I was pretty sure I had it charged to ~70% of so, so I don't think power was the issue. Of course I was in the middle of the street during this ordeal, so that was fun. I bought a new handle, and I guess I'll have to figure out how to put the new one on. NOW, the other issue is that the EUC refuses to turn on. The power still works, as in if I hold the power button, the red light will show. Is this because the handle is broken, and will be fixed once I install the new handle? Or is this a bigger underlying issue? ADDITIONALLY, the KS 18L since I received it will often do a double beep as I attempt to get on, and will not be balanced anymore. After a quick roll back and forth or something, it goes back to staying up straight. Why is this? TLDR: - Going to need to fix broken handle, any instructions for that? I just bought one. - EUC will not power on now. If I hold down power button, the red light will show and that's it. Why is this, is there something else I need to fix? - WHAT is with the double beep and what I imagine is the EUC recalibrating the balance? This happens almost every time someone tries to get on. As I tried selling it today, this made the guy completely fly forward off the EUC upon initially getting on it. Once someone is on and going though, it seems to be fine. Thanks for any help passed my way!
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