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  1. This. About electronic failure? euc electronics generally tend to be highly reliable but i guess it depends on a number of factors such as age, electronic components in computers don't last forever so don't expect your euc to be any different.
  2. Review added, Ignore the moaning tossers, Don't give them ungrateful assholes the satisfaction
  3. I seriously hope Vesc technology has improved a lot from just a couple years ago when i experienced them in Eboards, they were prone to DRV chips blowing & failing, Doesn't exactly fill me with hope considering eucs run a lot higher voltages than eboards..
  4. iv not tested it but yeah there's a menu to set 2 or 3 alarms on there
  5. So will this be a extra cost or will all V10 owners get a set free of charge?
  6. this has been kinda my problem aswell, clocked about 100 miles on my v10, im fine with anything within a 100 yards but anything further and any little bump seems to knock me off balance
  7. Yeah just tryed uninstalling the app. unfortunately that didn't work :/ handle button still not working
  8. did you find a solution to the anti-spinning button not working? iv the same problem when press it or not the wheel stays always balanced.
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