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  1. Last night I tried using the app with a different persons phone, still Android but different brand. Same experience happened with this phone. The wheel doesn't seem to be showing up.
  2. I do have it enabled and have said yes to all permissions the app has asked for. I have location always enabled, but it doesn't show up all the time. I managed to get a screenshot while it was up and the app was searching.
  3. Hi all. Brand new to this forum and hobby. I bought a v10f after reading this forum and doing research. I'm a little bit heavier of a guy so I needed a more powerful wheel. Anyway, I just got my new wheel yesterday, slapped on the pads(ya!), threw on the protective cover(ya!), and the tried to pair the wheel with the app....begin frustration... I started the app and it started searching for the wheel. I saw the wheel pop up in the search and clicked it to connect. It spent about a second connecting and then reported it failed. Since then the wheel has not show up in any BT searches. I've tried a lot already, restarting all devices, reinstalling, clearing Bluetooth caches. I've tried finding the wheel with WheelLog as well. A bunch of Unknown Devices show up, but no wheel. I've tried going through and connecting to each with no luck. While I didn't buy the wheel to play around with the app. I'm concerned this isn't some bug in the app but a problem with hardware. I've engaged inmotion support. With not much success. As a new rider I'm sure I'm going to scratch the thing up a ton so I'm avoiding riding it until I know it works. Over the next day or so I'm going to try the last two things I can think of that will hopefully eliminate and error on my end. 1) use someone else's phone to try and pair. 2) go-to a more remote location and try to pair. Image just shows searching all the time. ´┐╝Also good to see I had a 65inch wheel all along. Any recommendations about what I should do next? Thank you in advance for your help. :-)
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