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  1. More pic here https://www.dropbox.com/sh/nma2b7i7dscz53v/AAAObUJfmtERNbgIgOrRZahQa?dl=0 Wheel have developed charging issue but it is fixed now I took it apart and check the battery and all cells was balanced. I didn't properly inspected bms as it required complex desoldering job before you could get to it so decided to bypass original charging circuit and added xt30 connector to charger and discharge leads. I have done over 100 miles since and it all works great and charge fully everytime. I have done few charging and discharging cycles to see if cells stay balanced and I haven't found any issues. Important point: I dont know if bms still balance cells after I bypass original charging circut maybe the cells resistance is well matched so they charge properly and keep the same voltage. For this reason I would advise not to keep this wheel at home just in case bms balancing is no longer working. Once battery get older this could cause overcharging issue that could result in fire! So if you live in flat dont buy this wheel unless you knowledgeable enough to fix original charging circut. This well served me weel as I learned how to ride on it now I have bought ninebot z10 so thos not getting used that's why is for sale I wants 200 pounds for it collection from warrington cheshire wheel is roughly 6 months old and comes with box charger and manual
  2. Anyone selling ninebot z6 or z10 please let me know
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