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  1. Hey guys, this might be common knowledge already but I’m having a hard time finding it. The original 100V MSX came with the same motor as the 84v, correct? And was this the “60v” denominated C30 motor? Wondering if these are the same and the cabling would be compatible. Alternatively, I could get by with a new rim from @Jason McNeil eWheels and swap the motor over. Does anyone have any experience doing that? Thanks!
  2. A slider would be good. Sometimes I wish there was even slightly more torque in the 2.05 lift up mode. Just curious, what were some of the other upgrades in 2.06? I didn’t notice much.
  3. Thanks for linking! Other sites I saw had it for $60. I can do $40. Item is brand new and unused.
  4. I’ve got a job in Oakland on the 13th, if you can meet me there it’s a deal! $50
  5. Hey guys! Selling my unused trolley handle direct from Gotway. No longer have the Mten, so this is no longer needed $40 Thanks! Connor // 408.771.1496
  6. csmyers


    Sorry for the error, I meant to write "scraped" not "touched." I'm glad you asked about running off. I'm never truly running this fast, that would be impossible. I'd be running instead of wheeling . One of the things you can practice is transferring your FORWARD momentum into UPWARD momentum. Your knees should always be bent, especially at speed. So in the case of a spill, your first step is more of an upward leap. Imagine how pole vaulting works - your first step is similar to the planting of the pole. So from the first step you've gained some air, but slowed your speed immensely. T
  7. csmyers


    I appreciate you bringing up these points. One of my 4 ACMs had an intermittent cut-out issue caused by a loose connector (discovered after the 3rd cut out). Ran it out or tucked and rolled each time, until I went in and discovered the issue. In these cutouts my body never actually touched the ground, even though the fastest cutout was clocked at 23mph (before the power spike). I will never test the top speed of any wheel, especially if I have doubts about its reliability. Most wheels have problems at launch, but MSX never did. Unless I'm mistaken, I think it's still considered the most r
  8. csmyers


    Thanks for the feedback @erk1024 ! I'm responding because I think your comment might confuse people, my conditions weren't quite so dire. If I ever felt like I was beyond my capabilities as a rider, I would have slowed down or stopped. I knew I'd never be out of cell service and I share my location with my friends. I've been riding wheels for over 4 years, and before that I did downhill longboarding for 4 years; where you don't have brakes and you're moving even faster. Part of this was practicing parkour, learning how to fall safely onto non-vital areas. I spent hours intentionally throw
  9. csmyers


    Hey guys! It's been a while since I've visited the forum. This is a video from the first ride of my MSX a year ago that I never put together. For those that don't know me I've been riding about 4 years, and my previous daily wheel was an ACM. I chose a trail with a huge variety of terrain, including pavement, dirt trail, deep mud, wooden bridge, sweeping turns, and steep hills. I have since upgraded to a 1600Wh battery from the ACM. Enjoy!
  10. Man oh man...I have a shoot starting at 11. Also, lots of car troubles. Sorry it couldn’t work out this time
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