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  1. @leadbread I'm in Seattle, but at ~$300 I'd gladly buy that KS-14C for a friend's entry into EUC. This is a savings for me β€” they're beating my commuter wheel up too much!
  2. Whoa, surprised I didn't see you. Just got back to Eastlake, but went past there within last few hours. Took the week off work, having fun not needing to wake up a certain time tomorrow! πŸ˜‹
  3. Damn, beat me to it @JerryR. I'm also, mostly, recklessly wreck-less in my wheeling around. Bad image, great safety. Er something like that πŸ™ƒ.
  4. Thanks for the heads up, @Esper! Now I regret that it conflicts exactly with SDOT public comment period for EPAMD at 6:30. Choices... Also don't think I have a Facebook. Will post there when I sort that out though.
  5. Yeah, that's what my A130 was kept for. You get it. Tiny, portable, safe ground clearance wheel for newbie falls, lightweight / compact enough that it was indestructible when flying over hillsides etc when new riders got hold of it. Everyone loves the tiny wheel at first, and it's great training. If you can avoid pedal scrape and recover from pirouette crashes for a few weeks on it then you'll be a confident champ once upgrading to >6.5" treadle clearance. I never loaned my 18's out unless they took both. Then it's like riding a wheelchair because there's handles both sides, and a whee
  6. I've survived some crazy high-speed cutoffs with good work gloves, and I regret it every time I don't at least keep them handy. Everything else is optional to me. I'd suggest knee pads, even minimal ones, on larger wheels since the fall is surprisingly difficult to recover from without some knee on road interaction. I roll well though. But having gone flying from 12" wheels, I can say I'm comfortable enough to run off them if I'm vigilant enough to be riding fast to begin with. It's just not much of a fall, even if you need to roll on asphalt. Speaking of which, if you're not prepar
  7. Yeah I need to do this too. Thanks for the extra nudge and example of civic diligence @leadfeathers!
  8. Right on. Keep in touch. I originally thought to pull the trigger on an 18XL or MSX since that's the closest open-market product to what I've preferred over the years. Then I saw this 16x has very comparable specs now, so thought to revisit my wheel diameter bias. In fact, ultimately I'd probably get both an mten3 or similar for getting to work / occasional mixed-mode traveling, plus get the least crappy long-distance (β‰₯16") wheel by 2019 standards for when awkward and bulky are relative. I'd probably love the V10F, but my past experience with InMotion tech was that it was thoughtfully de
  9. Think I'd do similar to an 18L if given the chance. This is exactly my taste. Just curious, how's the rim looking after use? Few years ago I redded up my 18A rims for fun, but then blackened them after some peeling and general muck showing against the bright line after I cleaned it one day.
  10. Haha, yeah I reached out to him before but when I tried viewing a response the board told me I don't have permission. Oh, upon looking again, that's because the thread is gone. Maybe a (reasonable) change of heart or circumstance @chrisjunlee? Guess I should have popped on here sooner. ☺️
  11. Hmm, so where's the next ride? Weather has been perfect lately, and I'm very luckily off work Wednesday / Thursday this week. Scheming to do some wheeling! Anyone looking to sell a wheel, or loan me one for the ride, would be appreciated. I'm away from my wheels and missing them badly in this amazing weather!
  12. Inmotion, IPS, KS, Gotway, Ninbot are all interesting. Maybe an mten, probably more like 18XL, but not really interested in 14" wheels since they lack the clear form advantages like portability or ground clearance of other sizes to my preference. Prefer local seller β€” I've bought a couple repairable / parts wheels off here via mail within the U.S. but I'm buying a modern, functioning wheel right now for a replacement / sole daily driver. In fact, unless it's a great deal, I'd like a well looked after high-wH wheel with special attention to lack of water damage, or battery abuse this tim
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