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  1. FWIW I have found that my BT headphones regularly disconnect when I go running. I have a pouch that is on my hips that is rotated on to my back with my phone in. It seems to me that iPhones are pretty crap as far as range and power are concerned with BT. If there is interference around this is also a big problem. IIRC the new BT uses 2.4GHz which is exactly the frequency absorbed by water !!! BT is a line of sight radio. It's not robust from what I can tell. So the issue you had may just be BT related. I usually have my phone in my pant leg pocket which is close to my EUC. I use my watch to tell me speed as it is a standalone device with gps built in. One feature that would be nice is to have DB announce battery percentage warnings. EG it would say "20 percent" every 10 seconds or anything below that in 5% increments. Obviously the user should be able to select when the alarm starts and what warnings they get. A simple list of percentages and a check-box next to them to activate them would be practical.
  2. Could you do what this article says ? I have no clue about Apple Watches but here you go in case it's useful. Pesonally I use my garmin watch as a speedometer. Don't really worry about battery as 2hrs on my MSX is enough for me at the moment and I usually get home with ~50% after ~30 miles of flat. https://9to5mac.com/2019/09/24/apple-watch-series-5-always-on-display-turn-off/
  3. So I had my first EUC dog encounter today. Little black yippie dog was off the leash and the owner shouted after the dog but the dog was having none of it and decided to chase me. I was on a cycle path so no road problems. I did what I do on a motorcycle. You let the dog get close and the you accelerate away from them. Dogs are typically stupid as far as judging speed. They fix on a point and then chase to that point. If you let them fix on you and let them get reasonably close and then accelerate away their small brains don't have enough time to re-fix and you will very likely out run them. I did exactly this. Yippie gave up... BTW, this knowledge was all from motorcycle training and talking to other motorcyclists and tyre chasing dogs. Thought I'd share. However it was totally the owners fault as dogs are not allowed off leash where I live and on the cycle paths (for this exact reason!!). Stupid owners....
  4. Not sure if you saw this video but it might help keeping your feet planted. Gonna try this myself.
  5. I really hope your prediction never comes true. On a safety note, it's probably a good idea to video every journey you take on your EUC if you're doing road riding. The video is evidence of anything that might happen.
  6. Join the 53 club. Me too. 😁 It's a freaking blast !!
  7. OK, so I just did another run & literally just got in 5 minutes ago. Wanted to test this out but it's not conclusive. I turned off the AI option, reset all the counters and did 28.5 miles (gps watch, which may not be 100% accurate as I accidentally hit the stop button on my watch). Darknessbot showed 29.5miles on the Odo so it must have either been a user error on my behalf or the AI is causing inaccurate results. Within 3% is plenty accurate for me. I'll keep an eye out to see if anything changes. Thanks for all the tips and thoughts everyone. Appreciate it.
  8. Nope. Gotway MSX. I use my GPS watch but it would be nice to know what range I have left.
  9. Great mellow sound track too.Your music ? Cute doggie!!
  10. So I've just started using darknessbot and it's very inaccurately reporting my mileage. It said I had done 49.5 miles whereas I had only done about 26 (measured by gps). Not sure what's going on. Maybe some telemetry error in that it's getting data in km and thinking it's miles. It's still out even then. 50km ~= 30 miles. Any thoughts ?
  11. I will most definitely back you up on that comment. On a motorcycle things happen so quickly. The one key I was told was never get into anything you can't get out of. ALWAYS have an "out". My Grandad was a driving instructor for the London bus double decker drivers and he used to do some crazy skid-pan stuff in a double decker!! Mad! But his phrase was "Everyone else on the road is a fool except you. Expect them to do something stupid and be prepared for it!". Very wise. I suspect on an EUC you have to be even more paranoid because you do not have much of a machine between you and the other guy to protect you. Similar to a bicycle I guess.
  12. My Sister lives just outside Manchester in Ponyton. I get back every now and then but Silicon Valley is what drew me here. I do miss the UK in lots of ways but then CA has so much to offer too!! The mountains here are incredible. I would like to do a run up in Yosemite soon. Saying that I have other hobbies that bode well for Yosemite too !! ..Anyway not to hijack this thread. We can catch up on PM if you're interested in knowing more.
  13. Indeed. It was the perfect day today. I'm from the UK originally if you couldn't tell by my accent!! Yep 53 going on 21!! Really enjoying EUCs and why should the kids have all the fun anyway !! 😉
  14. IMO, The first question to ask yourself is, how much road experience do you have in any vehicle ? I have been riding motorcycles for 20+ years and cars for 30+ years and bicycles for 40+ years. Road sense is a skill that develops over time too. I'm incredibly aware of traffic no matter what I drive. In my video you see a video cut at the junction. This is because I took a right until I got to the end and did a u turn to get back on path. I did not want to cut a left across busy traffic. If it would've been a 4 way I would have stopped and walked across the pedestrian crossing.
  15. So my road riding is very limited and I don't go fast (slower than most cyclists to be honest). I'm taking roads where I need to but always pull off when I can. This is just to familiarise myself with road noise and traffic. I would no way contemplate busy traffic or any form of main road. Most of the stuff I did today was gentle link-roads. Here's my video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Sip3c8YpegE&feature=youtu.be&fbclid=IwAR2NCl70Z46XwtO28iif5YVc2zLBmH5SUdzvbSuo1TOThN9ruOIMBOpPOyo
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