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  1. I guess nothing. In my case I just wanted to be 200% sure. Everyone has a different story with euc but getting warranty here is like getting blood from stone. Also if there are signs of water inside that's not under warranty (terms of sales here pretty much)
  2. I did removed board from wheel and disconnected it. I've sprayed underside in 3 thin layers waiting for each one to dry and changed stock rubber "gasket" when putting board back. I've also used anti- corrosion lube on contacts which looked flimsy - things like led and such. Luckily for me there's a video on youtube which shows most weak points for my wheel which I used as a guidance when servicing the wheel.
  3. I went with plastik 70 from kontakt chemie in aerosol can. May not be the best option available but so far so good. It was relatively easy to get and seems to "just work" on my ks 18l
  4. That OSHW logo looks interesting. Are you planning to sell kits?
  5. It says acrylic conformal coating for PCB. If you really want to cover magnets and coils - urethane might be a better choice. There's a spray can packaging available https://uk.farnell.com/kontakt-chemie/urethan-71-200ml/lacquer-urethane-71-200ml/dp/801069 and https://uk.farnell.com/kontakt-chemie/plastik-70-200ml/lacquer-plastik-70-200ml/dp/800960?st=plastik 70
  6. I found this on thingiverse https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3715805 which references idea from @Lutalo ( ) on using PVC pipe and couple of m3 screws. Might be easier and cost even less
  7. It's for corrosion protection. Typically it's either urethane or acrylic for PCBs in aerosol which is used.
  8. I'm using o'neal fury rl. It's DH certified. Light and cheap-(ish). Magnetic fidlock system is very convenient and it has a peak to mount mirror (and dedicated gopro mount if you are into that)
  9. There's a wheellog companion app for tizen https://github.com/juliomap/WheelLog-Tizen but i have no idea if it works - might be worth to check wheellog topic
  10. So pretty much WheelLog + some functionality of Charge Doctor on a wearos
  11. If this is not a balance charger probably an xt60/xt90 are even easier to solder...
  12. Just wondering - what's the com port for?
  13. Works great, except that battery charge is not shown correctly. If code is publicly available - can I try fixing things and do pull requests?
  14. I don't have experience with this one but there are few things to note when picking mc helmet. Namely, check how many shell sizes helmet has (this has only one based on description). That means all sizes look same - if your head of size M you'll still have a large bucket on your head. Other thing is weight. 1.5 kg is okay-ish, but i'd look for something lighter.
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