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  1. I think @UniVehje said there what was left to come closure aka dropped the mic. Let's now see if this water goes under the bridge. If not then pull the pin. We are evolving as community as our wheels are.
  2. I'm using it so rarely now since got my speaker blasting annoying London street rap music or dancing like idiot on various dance music. Never the less it's handy when you need it.
  3. I'm using one 120Db. They are banned to use in Germany. I use it on my alley cat bike and now on my back pack. Pretty loud, but very effective when hurdling group if they make wrong turn in group rides. Also very good to get other riders attention when seeing danger. Dogs stop running after you once blasted. It even doesn't sound like horn it's more like train or eighteen wheeler coming at you.
  4. If police don't intervene when law is broken how many others will do it? Not by any means by you, but will it courage to break the law or other way around? I hope this is not assumption but based on facts.
  5. Kuinka paljon V11 mittarissa on tällä hetkellä?
  6. I've been many times in this situation. Back in the day when I was still cyclist those bullies in lycra and matching color often wanted to play chicken. I know riding in group gives you confidence to keep your race line. When loudly expressed my frustration to not give enough room to pass safely got only a finger as a answer. Well now it is shifted around as you mentioned having all armored up. Are we seen as the bullies now and those to be hated like they used to hate cyclists? Hope not. Just couple of days from now there was our biggest cycling event in my country and people got run over and
  7. In my group others ride much faster than they should with everything with wheels. They ride like no tomorrow with little experience. Not looking ahead, cutting people off, shouting each other and to road users. Even crying is not rare. I get so much shit from them that I totally now want to ride more by my self. Yesterday we had confrontation with cyclist and all I could say to him was "Sorry man" and he replied that "You should use leach with children like that". On the positive side I have more thick skin now from all the rant I get.
  8. Jyrkässä alamäessä tipahti moottori pois pelistä. Tasapainoilu toimi, mutta vetoo ei eteen eikä taaksepäin ollut ja moottori piti nykivää murinaa aivan kuin olisi hyppinyt jokaisen magneetin yli. Sain sammumaan virtanapista ja pari minuutin odottelu ja takas päälle. Toistaiseksi ei ole uudestaan ilmaantunut. Mietin ensin, että joku moottorisuoja olisi lauennut päälle, mutta toisaalta gotway niin tuskinpa.
  9. Mukana. Kuulostaa hyvältä. @Tasku Vois vaikka vääntää miittiä Kaupin suunnille vaikka viikonlopuks?
  10. Testi ajo suoritettu. Tuttua smothia ajelua entistäkin mukavammalla otteella. Teki melki mieli pistää näin koreasti jalalla. (en osaa )
  11. Nyt on työhevosella uudet kumit ja polkimet alla. Kyllä nyt kelpaa taas rulailla. Eunicycles toimitteli tosi nopsaan eli iso peukku heille.
  12. I had my first long cruise for this season and let me tell you my legs are not happy. Takes some time to get used to it again. It truly is so smooth at pavement like butter when using right psi. Those screams of joy when discovering clean path without all that gravel. Pure joy. For the tramlining Nikky have always been little moody if you don't look where you ask it to ride. Gets little twitchy on bad road surface. Lowering your psi helps usually for that. I ride at 30 psi max and weight about 90kg all gear on. Changing the tire is easy on this model and there for don't mind about fast tire we
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