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  1. Just wondering what most of you guys do with your helmet when you get to where you're going? Grocery store / mall for example Just hold it in one hand, wheel in the other? Fashioned some attachment to dangle it off your helmet? Do you have a full face or half shell?
  2. Ahh I see, In that case I think I'll just live with the creaking! I think my wheel is at 45 PSI, filled it last week at the gas station lol. There's no vibration or anything like that when riding, it's really smooth! That's a big load off my mind Thanks for the advice
  3. I've got a couple hundred km's on this Kingsong 16s, and today I noticed it creaks when I put press my shins onto the side panels. Is this safe to ride? any way to fix it? I've tried tightening the screws under the rubber pad that is beside the pedal, but they were already at their tightest. I've never opened the wheel up before so I'm not sure I have the tools to. Any thoughts? https://youtu.be/87_GQ08Cg6k
  4. Hey @Chris Grant, After you upgraded your handle, was it still wobbly like the old one? or does it feel better to use now?
  5. Hey! I'm in Toronto looking to buy a used wheel. Hopefully in good condition, looking for a V8 or better!
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