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  1. I might be wrong but I thought for sure that the new Tesla (v2 And v1 with circuit breaker) has an extra fan one the motherboard. Also they have a 2000w motor against the 1900w for the older models.
  2. Yeah me too, when I was riding my NB1e+ I was stoped by random people who wants to know more about it or even try it. Often I answer if I have the time and I even let some people try it. I think it's always nice and I would have liked someone to let me tried it before. And don't get fooled, people are always really affraid on it, they mostly like it but they're affraid to go too fast or without grabbing you. So your wheel may not fall and it doesn't get long before they want to go down on the floor. But lately with the gears up, people don't stop me as much on my Tesla.
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