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  1. Thank you so much seba for this update, I can't wait to test it out ! I already gave you a participation through PayPal later last year, I didn't know about the premium status, but I will probably try to get the premium membership later when the tizen app is out !
  2. New article on Wired : https://www.wired.com/story/one-wheeled-vehicles-micromobility/ Edit : I just realized it was already post on Saturday. Sorry for the repost.
  3. Yas ! Finally something looking great on Tizen will come out for our wheel ^^' The wheellog-tizen-app is particularly ugly besides the fact that it is useful and better than nothing ofc. But yeah, I'm looking forward to have EUC world and this good looking UI on my galaxy watch ­čśŹ
  4. Yeah ! Thx you so much @Seba I'm glad to have support a little bit this project ! But I can't find my model in your poll, mine is a Samsung Galaxy Watch (46mm). Your poll also miss the latest galaxy watch active and active 2. Good luck for the development !
  5. 28 and more than two years of riding an 9bot1E+ and now riding a gotway Tesla.
  6. Yes please <3 I changed from Wear OS (Huawei classic) to Tizen (Galaxy watch) 2-3weeks ago just because I wanted to have an app on my watch to monitorize my wheel and wheellog didn't work on Wear OS. Now that I have a Tizen one with wheellog, I just discover your euc world app which I love and have a wonderful looking on Wear OS but doesn't work on tizen yet :'( I won't change my watch again, so I totally rely on you to use my watch again with your app soon. Thank you so much for all the work you're doing !
  7. Gotway Tesla - Tesla model 3 Gotway Nikola - Tesla model S (I don't have any knowledge on cars quality and brands, feel free to correct me but I just found it fun to link these brands because... you know...) ­čÖâ
  8. @Patton250maybe you should hear this, it might help you understand the argument from @LanghamPor others. You really seems to be a nice guy but with such strong ideas you don't even want to consider them as partially wrong or relative. I can't stand people who just repeat what they were told without even considering it partially biased or interested. It's a clear lack of critical mind leading to cult, religion or false believe. I encountered that kind of mindset so much in religion or cult believing as a Mentalist who uses tricks to make people believe in extraordinary capacity that I know for a fact they're just tricks. I don't say that it doesn't exist, but I can show you a non-magical way of reproduce almost every experience people claims to have witness. So those experiences are not proofs of what they trying to make people believe. In the case of helmet, it's kind of the same situation. You have been told since you were young that helmets saves lives, and it's irresponsible to not wearing them. But it's not entirely true, whole countries strongly disagree with that, but your ethnocentrism blind you to see that. Your mind is trying to bound those cognitive dissonances by rejecting argument, ignoring them and focusing on exemples you feel strong and not yet debunk. But you clearly defend a position rather than aknowledge the facts and conclude on you own opinion. You serving a system that told you what to think rather how to think, and this is a very concerning kind of behavior. Considering that, I would add my own experience about protective gear. I start with nothing for 3years on a NB1E+, never fell except for one car hitting me on a crossroad (he was passing red traffic light for him). But since I tried to get my GF into euc and bought a Gotway Tesla, I wear some gears. The main reason is the speed and environment I'm in now. I ride slightly faster than before (15-20km/h before and now up to 30km/h) and more importantly I'm commonly more surrounded by cars than before where I was only using bicycle lane and pavement. But I actually measure the risk from the distance I'm going too, if I go to the shop near my apartment, I only put my kevlar jacket with built-in protection and a jeans of the same kind. But no helmet. If I have to go far away and riding around cars, I would put a helmet. But it's not because I'm affraid of my euc or insignificant low risk of mechanical failure (as long as you respect the mechanics) it's because I'm affraid of cars putting me in bad situation where I can't fall correctly. So I'm not a guy who tell you not wearing a helmet is a good idea or not, I'm just telling you that what ever you do, please think about it on your own. And if you don't have enough knowledge, just search and confront differents opinions, ideas, studies and research from different part of the world and try to make sense of it on your own understanding. You'll may have the same position as before but at least you would received others arguments for what they are and not trying to throw them away and argue that they're wrong and irresponsible to don't have the same opinion as yours. Ps : pardon my English, it's not my first language. Feel free to correct me or ask more precisions on sentences I might have poorly written.
  9. I might be wrong but I thought for sure that the new Tesla (v2 And v1 with circuit breaker) has an extra fan one the motherboard. Also they have a 2000w motor against the 1900w for the older models.
  10. Yeah me too, when I was riding my NB1e+ I was stoped by random people who wants to know more about it or even try it. Often I answer if I have the time and I even let some people try it. I think it's always nice and I would have liked someone to let me tried it before. And don't get fooled, people are always really affraid on it, they mostly like it but they're affraid to go too fast or without grabbing you. So your wheel may not fall and it doesn't get long before they want to go down on the floor. But lately with the gears up, people don't stop me as much on my Tesla.
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