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  1. With some more time on the wheel in soft mode over the last couple days I feel this effect is most noticeable at slow speeds. If I'm cruising above 10 mph and carve there isn't really noticeable dip. But if I'm going roughly walking speed and turn the pedals dip. When I turn right they dip forward and when I turn left they dip backwards. I may not go all the way through the week as my original plan in soft mode and try hard mode for a few days to see if the behavior is consistent.
  2. I did not get a chance to go out and ride much today but I've decided to do my everyday commute in soft mode for at least a week to see. Do you still like soft mode for going up steep hills? I haven't tried yet but curious as to how that works.
  3. I've recalibrated it like 5 times, I've tried to recalibrate it at different angles as well. I'm going to try to recalibrate it using a couple styrofoam blocks to keep it perfectly level on all axis to see if that helps since it is always leaning against the wall when I callibrate it so far. Thanks for all the suggestions so far though!
  4. I think it may just be something about the way I am turning since it only happens on one side (which is the side I feel more comfortable turning also). I'm going to keep playing with it and see if it gets more comfortable.
  5. I re-calibrated it a few times but it still has pretty severe pedal dip when I make a sharp right turn (like tightest possible turn, normal turn doesn't dip too much). It corrects fairly quickly as soon as I straighten out but it definitely dips substantially. I did find that the default calibration was tilted too far forward and I did find an angle I think I'm comfortable with but the dip going right didn't really get much better. There isn't really any noticeable dip when I turn left though on equally tight turns for some reason. The dip actually exists in all ride modes, not just soft mode. It don't think its really a dealbreaker as I don't often make tight turns like that and when I do they are at very slow speed so its not like the dip is going to throw me off the wheel but I feel like I'd have more control in those turns if it didn't dip like that. Oh well.
  6. Thanks! I just re-calibrated it. Going to take it out for a ride to see if the behavior has improved.
  7. Hello everyone! After lurking forever I decided to celebrate receiving the new Nikola 100v today I would celebrate by making my first post in the Gotway forum. I remember when I was trying to decide what wheel to buy I saw someone mention they love the soft riding mode on the Nikola. I've only ever rode hard mode on every EUC I've tried so I decided to try it and I found the pedals dip quite a bit in sharp turns. Is this a soft mode thing or can it be resolved with calibration? Also what is the best way to calibrate the wheel if I don't have a stand for it? I don't know if I can hold it perfectly still and level for the calibration. Thanks!
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