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  1. I am picking it up surprisingly well thanks!
  2. Sydney (or Wollongong more specifically)
  3. I got the MSX 100V 1845WH from Greem Fashion just this month. It arrived in less than 2 weeks to me (I was shocked when it turned up as Marty says I was expecting at least a month). Could be because I am in Australia, I would imagine US or Europe would take longer. Having said that no issues whatsoever. Seamless transaction, just need to learn to ride now. I wouldn't hesitate to do it again.
  4. That helmet looks mint, nice one Hope you never actually need it and scratch up all that carbon fibre.
  5. Well an MCM5 is the obvious best chance if you have one. Second to that i'd say (based on @Marty Backe's latest video) that your KS16X is the next best bet!
  6. Hey guys So I’m sure some people on here have seen this, but I was surfing FaceTube and spotted this video by Evolve skateboards climbing what is close to the steepest street in the world. got me wondering which (if any) Euc’s could make it up. MCM5? Curious to hear what everyone thinks, and if anyone would be game to ride back down again https://youtu.be/X06kZJMpF4M
  7. I’m actually now thinking the middle ground. Fox make a carbon Helmet called Rampage which is not motocross, but is a full on DH helmet. https://www.foxracing.com/rampage-pro-carbon-matte-helmet/22121.html?dwvar_22121_size=S&dwvar_22121_color=255&cgid=mtb-mens-helmets-rampage#start=1 hopefully a good middle ground, being a bit more solid than a proframe but lighter than a motocross helmet
  8. I’m getting the impression it’s harder...
  9. Would you go down a gradient that steep if it was tarmac? Out of curiosity
  10. Yeah and hills usually look less steep on video.. @Marty Backe did you ride back down overheat hill on the MSX or would the braking be to sketchy as you mentioned above? All I can say is that i had assumed the hills around me might be too much, but if I am wrong (sounds like I am) then I am going to have a lot of fun when it arrives . I've invested in a LOT of safety gear too so I should be ok to go for some hills.
  11. I meant just the streets around my neighborhood. I guess what sparked me wondering was watching the speedyfeet 1000 mile tour on Monsters. They were having to get off and push up hills quite a lot that look less steep than what is around my place. Is that just because of the wheel size of the monster where an MSX will do it comfortably?
  12. Good advice thanks everyone. This is a good example of a typical hill around my place. I live where the escarpment is really close to the sea, so all quite steep. Asquith St Austinmer NSW 2515 https://goo.gl/maps/6d7cx81BjvAJiVTL7 what do you guys thing about the MSX riding up and down this? (you can transport yourself down under by google street view)
  13. Hi all So I have an MSX 100v inbound, currently floating in a Chinese shipping container in the middle of the ocean. This will be my first wheel and I’m curious about climbing and descending. I live in an area that is almost all hills, and some of them are VERY steep. I’m wondering what areas I need to avoid because the hill will blow a board either through peak current or overheat. Is there any way to do this other than monitoring the wheel temp and current draw with a smart watch as I go and slowly getting a feel for the wheels maximum? I’m assuming the MSX won’t protect itself via tilt back and warning beeps etc if I start climbing something too steep or long? Also on descending; I assume this is the same, coming down a really steep street slowly will put a lot of strain on the motor. I’ve seen people struggle on YouTube with off-road descending, but that seems to be due to difficulties with the terrain. Anything to avoid road riding? Note some of these streets are properly steep, as in a keen cyclist on a road bike in first gear often can’t get up them. Thanks for the advice!
  14. Hi all Looking for some consensus, voting, opinions from experience on which to choose. Looking at a choice of 2 FOX helmets, one being the Pro-frame (which I can see from researching that a few forum members currently use), https://www.mtbdirect.com.au/fox-proframe-mips-helmet but aslo considering the 2020 V3 (being the Motocross version). https://www.mxstore.com.au/p/Fox-2020-V3-Matte-Black-Carbon-Helmet/FO23656119-c For the sake of this I'm ignoring the price differential, I don't really care what it costs as long as I end up with the best balance of safety and a helmet I can live with wearing. I have never put a motorbike or motocross helmet on my head in my life, so I guess that is why the request for advice. I aslo can't find out what the weight differential is on these helmets, does anyone know roughly? Thanks in advance for the 2 cents worth
  15. Hey all, has anyone considered the differences between the Fox Proframe MTB helmet and the Fox V3 motocross helmet? Obviously the Proframe is lighter (although I can’t find the weight of the V3), but the V3 is going to have better protection. Has anyone got experience with the fox motocross helmets? I can see a few people here have the proframe, but can also see a lot of people prefer the safety offered by motorbike helmets.. any advice?
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