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  1. I noticed lately that the app has not been staying open. Whenever I check it, it has to reconnect to the wheel and while the mileage distance will be accurate, the speed and other things will be wildly off and not recorded. Interferes with the apple watch app as well, it'll get stuck on speeds and battery percentages and be totally off. Am I missing an update or am I just stupid?
  2. For starters, you can stop lowballing everyone on the forum here. Offering $500 and $800 on their wheels obviously worth more is just an insult and waste of time. @ZenRyder got it down pretty well, but generally Paypal Goods and Services also has pretty good buyer protection.
  3. Turns out it was actually my Fibula. Went to Ortho yesterday and I’ve just gotta wear a boot for 4 weeks until the next checkup. It’s still weight bearing and I can walk on it with some, but minimal pain. Not a terrible outcome, but never would’ve guessed!
  4. It does not.. but the power button is right next to the handle so you can theoretically just turn it off and on if that doesn't bother you too much.
  5. Flatland 3D gloves are a mix of Knox plastic sliders with a basic scaphoid protection piece for wrist protection. Made specifically for esk8.
  6. So apparently my bruised shin was actually a fracture and because I didn’t get it checked out sooner, today while riding on the way home, when I pushed off at a stoplight and felt a “pop” in my leg. I turned the simple straight fracture into a compound fracture now. the crazy part is that I went 9 days without feeling any real pain there and even did an entire 35 mile ride this last Saturday and felt nothing.
  7. Really curious about full range tests on these compared to the 1845wh 100v 18650 models. Also, gotway app sucks at correctly monitoring battery life so the above screenshot means nothing
  8. This is late, but what part of the bay are you in? If you ever wanted to try a Nikola or MSX, I own both glad to hear you got an upgrade!
  9. Bent at the knees with a lower stance, lots of pressure on the toes. It’s interesting you don’t hear any beeps in the video but based on how I rolled I feel like I had to have been going at least 30. I unfortunately didn’t have any speed tracking app on at the time. Pedals just went limp and dipped forward.
  10. I have a Rylo that I use for a helmet cam. I like it because it's really small. There is a few things I'd like to address, though: Battery Life - It doesn't run very long, especially on 5.8k resolution. The batteries are cheap (Like $20), but expect maybe 45 minutes a battery. You also cannot charge while filming. Resolution - 5.8k sounds nice, but it's not quite clear enough to read licence plates and stuff all the time. That being said, it's not bad either. Low Light is also not the greatest. App - You can really only edit in the app, or apple app. There is no PC app, and no plan
  11. I need to do this mod! That startup noise is deafening.
  12. Had my first cutout on a wheel this weekend! Definitely my fault. I got caught up in the fun of a group ride, music was going, the visor went down and I gunned it. Overleaned and it just tilted forward and dumped me. Absolutely destroyed the boblbee backpack on my back: https://imgur.com/a/p42fZZJ Another rider got the tail end of it on his helmet cam: https://drive.google.com/file/d/187yWz0zBxCs-3yanf07KX7RuE9kbI3p4/view?fbclid=IwAR1Nto2gvM1pH09_9QBMh7w219eHx0uRTm-Ym51HNfYqlNUzwYjithjV7gY Armored hoodie and the rest of the safety gear soaked up the rest of the damaged. Walked away with
  13. Be sure to join the Facebook group BAESK8 and come out to group rides once you get addicted to wheels Im right across the bridge in Belmont.
  14. Hey. I noticed recently that when I used to open the darknessbot app, even if I hadn't opened it before I started riding, it would connect and have my mileage and ride stats already updated. Now, I have to open the app beforehand which isn't the biggest deal, but definitely something I noticed. Also, it seems to be resetting the ride stats to zero on me without me manually resetting it.
  15. Thanks for the lengthy post! I didn’t realize gotway even had an app until two days ago and I was seeing what I like on my MCM4 and ended up liking medium a lot. I’ll be sure to try out all the different modes and find a sweet spot. I’ve heard some people also re-grip their pedals with something that isn’t that plastic stuff. Recommended?
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