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  1. They allready did the rise..this new batch ariving on the maket will have the rise..I bet it wouldn't be more then 1cm....I have rised 1cm my mcm5 v1 (with different pillars custom made) and it becomes more nimble and also did not change other factors...It become a better wheel.I am looking into someone post some pics with new batch.
  2. Thank you not forgetting to answer my question, but I do not understand on ewheel it says sherman have 6.9"(170mm)...but what you say is different...i talked with Linnea(owner) and said they rised the pedals...
  3. Sherman said that they rised the pedals..can any of you guys confirm that?
  4. I have a russian friend who sells mcm5 pillars that can rise the wheel with 5, 10(recomanded), 15 or 20mm. Search delightdeviceon instagram
  5. Mcm5 all the way! Msx pro has to wait for a while because that is not a real upgrade, just a tweek made by kids! Reviews will come in max 3 weeks and we will laugh togheter then!
  6. Can anyone tell me that is the size of Gw label?
  7. Can anyone explain me how mcm5 performs on mountain trail vs v5f or mten3?i want to know the off-road performances of mcm5!
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