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  1. @Dan Hillary yes unfortunately the Garmin watches are mostly single thread in the sense that they can run one main program at a time. I'm not 100% sure but I think the tracking for running and skiing is done in the garmin connect phone application and I should be able to make the watch app send the proper activity tracking information. I'll double check this week. On another note I have been in touch with Seba and we will look at bringing Garmin watch support to euc.world. Thanks all!
  2. @Dan Hillary I'll take a look at supporting the Vivoactive 4 and 4s this evening! We have a lot of snow here right now and that means less wheel, more dev I'll let you know how it goes
  3. Thanks for the feedback @Pedro Capitão, I'll take a closer look at the layout on the vivoactive3 and will report back
  4. Good morning all, The version 1.0.13 of the watchface now supports additional watches: Fenix 6 Fenix 6 Pro / 6 Sapphire Fenis 6S Fenis 6S Pro / 6S Sapphire Fenix 6X Pro / 6X Sapphire / 6X Pro Solar Forerunner 630 Forerunner 645 Forerunner 645 Music Forerunner 935 Forerunner 945 As usual let me know if you run into trouble
  5. Good evening, @Mitch I added support for Forerunner 230, 235, 245, 245 Music in the version 1.0.12 of the watch application. I still need to tweak the layout a bit for the semi round/truncated screen but it should get you started. @an5vf I will need a bit of time for the Forerunner 45, it looks like that one doesn't support applications so I need to see if I can make a watch face instead. If all goes well that work won't just be for the 45 but for all of them... there will be a choice between watch face or watch app (face has battery constraints and might sleep / have a slower refresh).
  6. Good evening all! I have been hard at work on finding a solution to the intermittent FAILURE_DURING_TRANSFER message that some people have reported. In retrospect, it looks like it was caused by a well known bug on the Garmin ConnectIQ platform that has been going on for quite a bit of time and the details can be found here: https://forums.garmin.com/developer/connect-iq/i/bug-reports/failure_during_transfer. Given the level of annoyance from this I worked on a workaround that other folks have also implemented (like the guys from Locus Map) and unfortunately I hit a wall when on the relea
  7. Hi guys! I have an update from Garmin pertaining to the FAILURE_DURING_TRANSFER messages, the direct cause of that is not being addressed yet but I have a workaround ready for it that completely makes them disappear. That workaround however broke with the release of Garmin Connect v4.21... given the big headaches that the 4.21 issue caused to owners of many long running garmin apps, they decided to backtrack and a fix will be in v4.22 (for more information: https://forums.garmin.com/developer/connect-iq/i/bug-reports/connect-version-4-20-broke-local-http-access?CommentSortBy=CreatedDate&a
  8. Hi Mitch, not right away but there are talking of bringing support for this to DarknessBot, the iPhone equivalent of Android's WheelLog. I am currently focussing on fixing some of the kinks we have seen on Android with the ConnectIQ SDK (I have two threads on the dev forum) and we will try to bring the support to iPhone too. Can you tell me the forerunner model? I'll make sure that there is a layout planned for that one (there are a lot of forerunner). Thanks!
  9. What you describe is very similar to what other people have been getting with Android + ConnectIQ + Garmin Watches in general. There is a ticket open on Garmin's side regarding this and I added my comments to it but in the meantime I am implementing a workaround that should make those FAILURE_DURING_TRANSFER disappear.
  10. Hi @Pedro Capitão, in v1.0.10 you will find that I increased the size of the time, battery and temperature fonts from 19px to 25px for the watches with a resolution of 148x205 like the VivoActive HR. Let me know if that helps!
  11. Thanks for testing @Pedro Capitão, I'll work on modifying the layout to allow for larger font for time, temperature and battery this evening and I will check if I can do what you describe (go back to the watch face and then switch back after 5 sec).
  12. @Pedro Capitão I'll add that to the roadmap so I don't forget I put the layout together pretty fast to unblock that but I was expecting to have to come back to it. Regarding the time from the last power on it will be part of another screen, I received feedback to display the distance since last power on, time from power on and lifetime distance. Coming up are also vibration / beep alerts on the watch that are connected to alarm1 alarm2 and alarm3 on the wheellog application. Also have the display change color based on the speed. Let me know how it goes!
  13. @Pedro Capitão I will double check the VivoActive HR in the simulator on 1.0.8, did you install WheelLog from the play store or from the APK here https://github.com/marccardinal/WheelLogAndroid/releases? Do you also have the Garmin Connect application installed installed? On another note I received reports of people getting a FAILURE_DURING_TRANSFER intermittently, there is currently a thread regarding this on the Garmin developper forum, it looks like many other projects are getting that one after sheer number of message or when they are sent at a quick interval from the phone to the wat
  14. Thanks a lot for the feedback so far @palachzzz, it is much appreciated and it certainly helps to avoid yet another fork of wheellog I created a Trello board to put some order in my todo list, feel free to comment on tasks or contribute to it: https://trello.com/b/vhZBxL05/wheellog-garmin-connectiq.
  15. @ir_fuel I added support for the following watches: VivoActive VivoActive HR VivoActive 3 VivoActive 3 Mercedez-Benz Edition VivoActive 3 Music VivoActive 3 Music LTE Next up will be the Forerunner ones, there are a lot of different models though so I'll have to see if they each need unique layouts or if I can combine them. Also coming up is a way to change the colors from within the settings instead of having only the static blue, white, grey color scheme. @Nicolas Kerspern I believe I fixed the issue you reported with the f5x+, let me know if the
  16. @ir_fuel I am currently working on the watch app support for VivoActive 3, VivoActive HR and Forerunner, I'll reach out when it is ready! @Nicolas Kerspern thanks for reaching out, I will double check the compatibility for the watch that you mentioned in your PM and will get back to you with a solution
  17. @Pedro Capitão As a quick fix I checked to see if the watch app would run as-is in the VivoActive HR simulator and it looks like it bleeds off the side. I'll have to rework the bar graphs to fit the square / rectangle size watches but it should be possible, I'll let you know when it is ready
  18. @Nicolas Kerspern I added a release on the project page here: https://github.com/marccardinal/WheelLogAndroid/releases, let me know how it goes! You should follow the thread here in case one of the main devs decide to pick it up, I'm not a big fan of fragmenting the ecosystem more than it already is but at least we might get so iron out some of the kinks
  19. Hello again, On the Android front I opened another PR this time with Seba to get the conversation started, currently at 3 on different forks... Regarding IOS @OliG the project is closed source so I can't just submit a code addition to it but I'll get in touch with the maintainer to see if I can help, based on what I found the support for ConnectIQ devices shouldn't be too difficult to add on IOS and the same watch faces as for Android would work. It is basically a matter of adding the SDK provided by Garmin and using it the correct way to send messages to the watch in the right (simp
  20. That was exactly my thought, I am one of the original backers of the pebble watch but I stopped using it a while back when they completely dropped the support for it (I know there is now a thing called rebble?). When I started riding EUC on a regular basis I was surprised to see how many people still purchased pebble watches solely for use with WheelLog and I figured I'd implement support for the watch that I wear on a daily basis. On that note, it looks like the Vivoactive and Forerunner series are popular so I'll look at implementing and testing the application for those ones too and I shoul
  21. Amazing, thanks for the info @Chriull, I'll see if @Seba welcomes the contribution
  22. Hey guys! I've been working on introducing support for Garmin ConnectIQ devices on WheelLog for Android for the last couple days and I'm looking for people who would like to test / try it out. The fork with the changes is available here: https://github.com/marccardinal/WheelLogAndroid/tree/garmin-connect-iq I have a watch app available at: https://apps.garmin.com/en-US/apps/07a231a9-3f2f-4762-b0bb-b8a0b5594f40 with the code here: https://github.com/marccardinal/WheelLog-Garmin-ConnectIQ. I submitted PRs to both @JumpMaster and @palachzzz but it seems like I'm late to the party
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