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  1. If someone decides not to take one. I will buy one from you.
  2. The battery indicator is a problem with the app not the firmware. Upgrade the app to the latest version wiil fix it.
  3. I upgraded to firmware v1.05 and rode 2.5 miles to the train station this morning. No issues so far.
  4. I was at firmware v1.00 just after receiving my 16X and the app notified me of a firmware update. This update downgraded it from v1.01 to v1.00 and the app then locked out most functions of the wheel. I was able to get it back to firmware v1.01 using the Engineer's App provided to me by Jason from ewheels. I had to turn the wheel upside down and then turn it on before the Engineer's App would force the upgrade. In the Engineer's App I choose v102 in the app (v101) was not available there. After upgrading the Consumer App now reports v1.01 and all functions in the app are now working. This is very strange, but it worked. I learned how to force the firmware upgrade by finding option 6 under Mine -> Serve -> After-sale Enquiry in the Consumer App. I hopes this helps you.
  5. The Kingsong consumer app states there is an update available to v3.1.4. I tried several times to update it from the app and it downloads, but fails to upgrade the app. The version in the Google Play store is still v3.1.3. I unintalled the app on my phone and downloaded the apk from Kingsong.com and installed the app. The version on my phone is now v3.1.4. This version of the app now reports the correct battery percentage for the KS-16X.
  6. The other morning I was riding my daily commuter wheel (Inmotion V8) to the train and coming up to a street crossing, I slowed down and motioned to a guy waiting to pull out in his car to make sure he saw me. He waved back at me and motioned for me to come on. I speed up and at the last moment he decide to pull out. I was within 3 feet of going in front of is care when he did this. There was no way I could stop in time. I was able to do a hard turn and then walk off the wheel to avoid getting hit. If I didn't have that kind of control to turn, it wouldn't have came out good for me. So yes, I agree, control of the wheel can keep you alive. Not trusting someone in a much bigger vehicle will too. Lesson learned.
  7. Thanks so much for helping me. I just sent you an email.
  8. I just received a new KS-16X yesterday. Shortly after I registered it, the app notified there was a new firmwares available and to upgrade it. After the firmware was updated, the version of the firmware went from V1.01 to V1.00. The Kingsong app now displays illegal device on the main screen of the app. I no longer have access to many of the settings and the lights on the wheel remain solid green. I was able to ride the wheel after this, but it was a little squirrellly. Does anyone have any idea how to resolve this issue?
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