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  1. Derp, it was the tilt-back i was experiencing. I had no idea! X_X
  2. I'm not really sure how to describe this. When I get up to 16 mph+ on my mten3 and I start to push that MJ Lean I get this feeling like my feet are starting to do the opposite. Like my heel is pushing down and the ball of my foot is beginning to stick up... like I'm breaking - but I'm continuing to accelerate? Is there something I'm missing here or am I just straight bananas?
  3. I've stuck with it and I can top out at a comfortable 16 mph. The wobble has gotten better and everyone's right - it really just took more time/muscle memory. I'll keep at it - I want to be able to push 20 mph on this thing.
  4. Cool I'm going to try and tweak the pressure. I don't really want to normally ride fast, I just want to be able to? My leg wobbles and I start to feel like death is nigh.
  5. How do you do it? I start to wobble when I go past 10 mph.
  6. Hey! So I'm a new rider... I hopped on a unicycle about twenty years ago but quickly fell off (not by choice, but by gravity). I have an electric scooter but I'm looking to graduate. I am thrilled by the idea of an EUC and already know that I'll love it. Here's what i'm looking for: 1.) Something that can take me to and from work. It's about 2-3 miles each way. Generally it's flat, but I do have to ride over a freeway. It takes my 20mph scooter down to about 14mph. 2.) I live in Irvine, CA for those local to OC. It does rain here, sometimes, and I would like something that will handle well after a night of rain. I feel silly driving just a couple miles to work. 3.) There's a great bike path that runs throughout the city and I'd like to take advantage of it. I have family members about 8-9 miles away so it'd be nice to get there and back. I'd prefer it if the ride were comfy. 4.) I prefer not to spend too much, but I believe in quality and investment. 5.) I'm 5'7" and about 148lbs. I'd appreciate any recommendations and thoughts. My biggest concern is about my knee. My patellar tendon is weak so I'm wondering if I can even ride these things? What do you guys think? I'm hoping it'll be ok. By the way... after researching and scouring the forums for a few weeks here are a few of my impressions: Most fun: MTen3 Best < 16" Wheel: MCM5 Best Ride: Nikola
  7. Okie dokey. I'll still be in the market so just let me know - if you're not far from irvine i'll be able to pick it up same day! Shaun
  8. Hey @Marty Backe I tried sending a direct message but I don't think I can because I'm a new user. I'm interested in purchasing it as a starter wheel. I sent you a message on facebook if that's ok! Feel free to reply if you're interested.
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