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  1. I am glad that I bought my V8 locally as whole motor needs to be changed (after 800 km). I have local shop that is carrying Inmotion and Ninebot brands so I will probably stick to those brands in the future. The prices in the https://eunicycles.eu/en/ and 1Radwerkstatt are better than in local shop but not so much so I will pay for my convenience to be able to claim issues locally. SpeedyFeet is probably out due to the incoming Brexit. I will wait for a spring for a upgrade and I will see if the Z10 issues will be solved. Is there any information regarding upcoming Inmotion new wheel? I was not able to find anything online Thank you all for your helpful responses
  2. Thank you all for the comments. Now I got message that my V8 is repaired and ready for pick up. So no luck to get money back and I will probably put more distance on the V8 and postpone new wheel purchase to next year But maybe will not be able to resist the temptation and I will get the V10F Mike Sacristan: It is pity that there is so much issues with Z10, I really likes the look of the wheel. I also don't want to deal with the problems that is why I chosen local shop so I was able to take claim the V8 personally without packing the unit and sending it. Are you guys buying the EUC usually from "local" shops or do you use China shops? If from china did you need to pay the additional taxes/custom fees when delivered to Europe? Do you have any recommendation for a shop located in Europe?
  3. Hello, my V8 broke down and is currently on warranty repair. But it seems that the seller will not be able to sort it in the 30 days, as required by law in Czech republic, and I will get my money back. And I started thinking about more powerful EUC to buy . Currently in Czech republic I can get from official sources Inmotion or Ninebot, as I want to enjoy the 2 year warranty. So this limits my choices to V10F for 1640€ or Z10 for 2020€. I am quite heavy 100 kg (220 pounds) and I mainly use the unicycle to commute to work (2 km to train station, 30 km by train and then 7 km to work). But I would like to also enjoy some long trips riding and it could include rough surfaces like trails in forests, ... I prefer to have one unit to several due to space limitation and cost. Both EUC have some pro and cons: V10F + cheaper, lighter - reported overheating in long climbs, deforming pedals for heavy riders Z10 + design, wide tire for trails - more expensive, not so great support from Ninebot, heavy Which EUC would you get and why? Thank you for your comments
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