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  1. Hi all! First post. Received 16x on Friday from eWheels. Firmware 1.05 / CYT tire. I'm 180lbs geared, riding experient mode, no music. I know there's a 16x issues thread but this one is more active, and it's the thread I've been reading for the last 2 months so please forgive me if I just post here... The first time I turned it on after fully charging it -- while holding it standstill with the handle up -- it began to shudder with increasing violence until I turned it off. That hasn't happened again on it's own, but I've found it easy to replicate by trolleying it up against the slightest obstacle, as you can see in this video. The motor makes easily audible grinding noises / vibrations at slow speeds. I can't trolley it around the office as it attracts attention and wariness. I went on the SF Saturday group ride where there were several other new 16x - others don't seem to have this issue. The wheel cut out on me at slow speed, ~10km/hr. Making a slow turn on a 11% grade, from going uphill to downhill, 46% battery, the motor disengaged with no warning -- dropped me on my ass and pinwheeled down the street. All scratched up. There's an occasional slow pedal oscillation which I can't replicate on command. On Sunday I tried twice to update the firmware to 1.06, using Android. It doesn't work. I noticed on the Saturday group ride that it's fairly easy to ankle flick overlean above ~25kph... @chrisjunlee mentioned this in his pedal dipping post. I'm unclear as to whether this is an issue or not. Jason has been responsive and helpful -- there is a replacement controller on the way. I will say that when Michael from Kingsong was addressed on the email thread, his answers were quite disappointing. Acccording to Michael, who saw the same video I linked above, the vibration while trolleying "...is normal, i try all wheels, the vibration and noise is depending on the battery level. Higher the battery level is, the bigger the noise is." Hmm -- that's quite a noise to consider normal. A few questions: Of the issues (vibration/grinding, the cutout, the oscillation), which might you expect a replacement controller to address? Which would more likely be resolved via firmware? And lastly, which are unlikely to be resolved by either?
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