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  1. I'm looking to buy a used Mten3, other than visual appearance , tire condition, how can I tell if it's a 512 wh or a 325?
  2. My biggest fear whether riding Onewheel or euc on the street is getting hit from behind or vehicles getting too close.I've tried a helmet mirror, but found it hard to focus(too small) and hold my head steady until I can get a clear picture. There are wrist mirrors available, but I used a larger strap on mirror meant for a bicycle and put it on my left hand ring finger, I can get a great view.I used a brand name mirror, but found the convex was too severe , I sourced a cheap offshore knockoff with less convex.The horn is a bicycle horn is good for alerting pedestrians, but no good for warding off cars. The horn has 3 tones, the circus clown tone always get a smile from pedestrians.
  3. My Onewheel was rolling around in the cargo area when transporting it. I thought of buying a stand that lays the board on it's side, but the stand didn't look like it would prevent the board from tipping over . My cheap solution was a small car tire and just plop the board on top, but the board must be strapped down in the cargo area of a suv, least it becomes a 30 lb. missile in a sudden stop. That 1/5 scale XR needs grip tape, hard to ride.
  4. I have a Onewheel XR , Pint and a Inmotion v8. I've logged about 1000 kms on the XR , 400 kms on the v8, but just got the PInt yesterday. I had a bad fall when I first got my Xr because I got too cocky and didn't know what push back was, but never had a motor failure on the Onewheel or Inmotion. Fortunately, I was wearing full gear including a full face helmet. I still do. Now I know push back and can almost predict when it's going to happen, the Pint is designed for more aggressive push back at a lower speed as I hit push back many times yesterday especially going up a hill.
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