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  1. So does anyone think the iOS app will ever be updated to show battery level?
  2. Love it! I'd totally pay you for one of those. I currently have a guitar stand that is too weak and shallow to handle the 16x, and the 3D printed one is too narrow. And I have no skills with a welder.
  3. Yeah, when I see kids doing stuff on vert ramps or big ass half pipes, they pretty much always bail to their knees.
  4. There's part of my commute that has a number of paved sweeping high speed turns of various increasing and decreasing circumferences, with some increase and decrease in elevation. When I was riding on 1.01 the pedals would feel soft and decrease my confidence after some of these turns; so I would slow down. I'm now on 1.05 (not 1.06 yet, sorry if this isn't helpful to specifically your question) and the pedals feel absolutely solid through all that the path can throw at it; I am now comfortable cruising through this stuff at speed. This is really the only thing I can notice other than the
  5. I would argue that the above is his reaction because he is used to having knee pads - you can see him purposefully sink to his knees from a step or two -- if your instinct is to roll I'm not sure you'd go knee first like that. Of course I say this having only run off the wheel at lower speeds off road and never having needed to bail with my whole body yet...
  6. Yeah I've ridden a onewheel for ages and never hit my knees over many many crashes and learned to roll it out like a skateboarder. But an EUC crash seems completely different, and at a much higher speed; so I'm wearing motorcycle jacket, and I'm thinking you're right, I want some kneepads.
  7. I have just over 400 miles on the wheel now, and yesterday I started to get really comfortable carving the old stock tire hard. I think I might leave it on there and maybe just get the CYT as a backup in case of failure. I'm really enjoying the feel of this wheel. Although since I'm a relatively new EUC rider, I might just be enjoying the almost telepathic connection you get to a wheel like this. Very intriguing that they're switching the OEM tire! Curious about the circumstances which led to what they shipped the first batches out with. Maybe they were thinking people were going to
  8. Anybody have insight as to when an updated iOS app might drop which would allow battery percentage monitoring? I'd like to think it's published but awaiting approval from the Apple store but I don't want to assume anything...
  9. @eddiemoy can we ask someone at kingsong about it? I'm definitely interested as well.
  10. Here's some video jumping over a curb sized block of wood in the woods using onewheel "bonk" technique!
  11. A couple things: today I reduced tire pressure from ~40psi to 30 as an experiment, and for off road softness. I weight about 200 pounds. 1) Off road, the tire is much more compliant over logs and roots. Duh. Didn't bounce me up in the air when hitting obstacles as much, more just gobbled them up, depending on the size of the log or root. This pressure was fantastic for the technical trails we were hitting, and helped a ton on gravelly / sandy portions as well. Climbed like a beast. 2) Carving on the asphalt it felt a little better as well - a little less "gyro" action. 3) I trie
  12. I just did a big ass trail ride and after updating I can also confirm zero issues. I'm pretty stoked. Thing feels solid. I just tried to attach the update file to this post. Does that work? updata.bfu
  13. You can use the Disk Utility on a Mac to format to FAT32, and there are probably some ways to do it on android too if that's what you're wondering? Did a quick google on it and there seemed to be the capability.
  14. I just grabbed an old USB drive I had lying around, no idea what the Formatting of it was. It seemed to work as the process went as described in the email so .. . yay?
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