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  1. Bumping this to get back on topic of OP
  2. Bumping this because SOMEONE out there has done this before...
  3. Is it better to calibrate with the KS app? Or Darknessbot?
  4. It powers on but I have yet to ride it. i noticed in both the Darknessbot (iOS) and KS app that my overall mileage did not transfer over. My questions are what do I need to do before riding (lots of talk here about recalibration etc) And how/where do I bypass the speed thing so I can get back to my normal riding?
  5. Okay well I finally got a connection but now I’m not able to find the right version for my wheel. KS18L v201
  6. How did you get the Bluetooth to stay connected? Sitting here with a bricked 18XL trying desperately to get the soft tuner to work.
  7. Just got back from Best Buy...but send info on the Telegram
  8. Looks like I’m going to have to go out and buy an Android just to get my wheel up and running again. Sux
  9. So I have this...which if it’s the most updated version, I’m still stuck with the dreaded “Connected” “Connection Lost”.
  10. I have this, which I thought was DB specific, and not related to my 18XL firmware. if this is true, where within the app is the option to update the wheel itself?
  11. Ahhh okay. I just hit @Jason McNeil Up via email....maybe he can hook me up.
  12. Ah, okay. So then how do I update via DB? im on Apple.
  13. Noobiest of noob question here but.... how do I update? how do I know what version I have? is it the KS app, because mine simply says this
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