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  1. I am beyond bummed/disappointed by the functionality of the King Song app and Darknessbot. I event went so far as to pay $8 for premium Darknessbot in the hopes for more consistency. The dev has been...kind of responsive, but no real solutions. I know have over 500 miles on my wheel and can literally count on one hand how many of those trips were accompanied by either app. Now that my contract is nearly up am I being crazy that I’m tempted to switch to Droid seeing as Wheellog seems to be much more consistent?
  2. Then the Knuckle Lights I listed would be great fro this...
  3. With the clocks being turned back I’m definitely feeling the need for proper lighting here in the Northeast US. Wondering if anyone has had any experience with these? https://knucklelights.com/?cmp_id=6477012853&adg_id=83332116408&kwd=&device=m&gclid=Cj0KCQiAno_uBRC1ARIsAB496IUXtFzU6r7WylmOjF03Ij_V877dqRE6UxAsKEqlMQBUHU_4giNDduMaAkSFEALw_wcB
  4. While I’ve been searching for windbreaker gloves to fit comfortably underneath my Flexmeters I’ve been keeping my hands in my pockets on cool days. Where do you guys stand? In or out?
  5. Wish someone would do this for a KS 18 XL
  6. Isn’t Minn the only US city to ever make the top lists for bike commuting in the world?
  7. My Alpinestars are shot at this point. A stretchy mess that slides down all of the time. Bummed. Anyone have any experience with Fox Titan Pro? https://www.foxracing.com/titan-pro-elbow-guard/03432.html?dwvar_03432_color=001&dwvar_03432_size=S%2FM&cgid=moto-mens-guards#start=22
  8. Now that my Alpinestars Sequence elbow pads are a bit stretched out and cumbersome to take on and off I’m really curious about easy on elbow...
  9. In an attempt to finally get the app working, I deleted and reinstalled the app. It still doesn’t function properly but it also didn’t restore the paid version. how do I get the paid version back @december11?
  10. Unfortunately Darknessbot has been wildly inconsistent as well....despite having the paid version as well...smh
  11. Lots on the wrongs of the IP reveal... Not nearly enough about the fcukery of multiple accounts etc wtf?!?
  12. 😐 okay, soooo how can I tell if I have the right version? It would be nice to have an app, ANY app to use for my rides. i have an iPhone XS Max And the latest iOS FYI
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