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  1. In keeping with your hypothetical, that would be a classic example of whataboutism. Whataboutisms flattens moral nuances into a black and white world view. But, yeah...
  2. No, you are right, no one suggested that. and please never say “politically correct” again! 😂 Such a bastardized term..
  3. “Political correctness “ is a term people use to dismiss ideas that makes then feel uncomfortable. It is a tool used to absolve people from dealing with an issue on its merits. It’s weak.
  4. Ahh boy. It’s amazing how those firmly entrenched in the dominant culture, class etc clutches their pearls...aghast, whenever an alternative is brought to their attention. Then go into the endless “whatboutisms” smh I even saw the words “why should we sacrifice” and “no known victims” 🤦🏾‍♂️ . FTR no one spoke of the OP’s intent. It’s about simply being aware. Malintent doesn’t have to be present for actions or words to be potentially dividing or make other feel like they don’t belong. I just want any and everyone to feel a part of this. And for those on the outside looking in, feel like they’d be welcome. Language and word choices are subtle and powerful. This kind of reminds me of a mini controversy on the FB page about who to ban and why. 🤔
  5. Let’s be inclusive and not presumptive and revise it to say “partners” or companions or better halves.
  6. I’ll save my jokes about “Newyorkachusetts” and their inability to understand what a region is for later 😉
  7. Hey, my wife is from Vernon! While New York is known for fast drivers, Boston is known for bad/reckless drivers. That said there is a decent amount of bike friendly markings around the city. Our neighbors in Cambridge are much more progressive and have a more established and respected structure for alternate transpo. Bike Sunday’s have been on my radar only for warm weather months, never thought about late fall...hmm. Either way riding along the Charles is fun regardless.
  8. Went on my first few winter/snow rides her in The Northeast US and....black ice is so scary that it made riding feel less enjoyable
  9. Safety and customization is going to move the hobby forward. Someway to help prevent cutouts. And either OEM or aftermarket customization (Both function as week as fashion).
  10. Just one. Haven’t opened it up yet. Guess I’m being lazy.
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