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  1. Your presuming their culture hasn’t “evolved”, perhaps it has, just not in the way that you’d prefer it. ”bad” is a value judgement. And to explain and name something is very different from “excusing” something.
  2. Yeah, me and my wife spent a year in London, so let me sit down to tell you, all about the city you are from/live in... See how pompous and preposterous it sounds? Anyway, I give up. I’m just going to sit back and watch in awe at arrogance, privilege and entitlement at work. It’s quite fascinating actually...I wish I had the gall/balls to do it, but my”moral compass” won’t allow for it.
  3. I consider it immoral to make broad sweeping generalizations about a place and people who don’t spell favor with a “u”. The irony. Im glad that I’m not so self absorbed and US centric that I can sit on-high and make assumptions and judgments about life and culture in London. Privilege and entitlement are powerful things... Since you have such a keen understanding of morals I’m surprised that you aren’t able to differentiate between “reasoning” and sharing factual information. The only “reasoning” that comes into play is when you are attempting to superimpose your worldview into other people and other places
  4. I don’t want to repeat what others have said, however there is something that I don’t think can be overstated, but here seems to be understated. Culture. It reeks of privilege and entitlement to comment definitively on something that is part of another, city, country, township’s culture....if you haven’t lived there. As someone from a place where hatred for all things NY is what you are taught shortly after you learn to say mommy and daddy, I regrettably have to (gulp) defend them . As a rider(bikes, etc) in a smallish major city (Boston) and frequent visitor to “The City” over the years (only 3.5/4 hours away), I can say there is NOTHING like it. Just from a cultural standpoint. Social norms, ways of being are just different. And not in a “NY is filled w/rude uncaring people” kind of way...in fact they are really kind and come together to support each other in different ways. It is impossible to describe in a forum, on a video or in a movie. And so everything they do is informed by that culture, whether it’s the style of play in basketball or simply how carry themselves in public. It baffles me how the “arbiters of all things well and good in the world” can speak with such certainty about a culture that they have not experienced. lastly, YANKEES SUCK!!!!!! Go Red Sox!!!!
  5. My new KS app is giving me this message. I’m scared to update since the last time i wound up with a bricked wheel.
  6. Sigh...okay. There was no thinking at all about what you typed, one doesn’t need to rethink when you quote someone verbatim. Besides how many different ways are there to interpret the phrase “exercising your need to inject political views”? Seems pretty straightforward to me. And if I’m reading correctly(please correct me if I’m wrong), it seems as though you also: a) think protesting if fine so long as it’s not at the “expense” of your employer. b) feel that 2 wrongs don’t make a right. And just because people are angry about systemic racism, and a history of police brutality does not mean they need to protest/break/loot aka “delinquent behavior” We are standing on stolen land. Everything we got here was done through these means. Including building it up (literally and figuratively) on the backs on other human beings based on their skin color). Im from Boston...where a group of pissed off locals broke into someone else’s property, destroyed all their belongings and dumped it all into the Atlantic Ocean. They had enough of being treated second class and with those actions started a revolution. It was called the Boston Tea Party. It wasn’t just about the tea alone, it was about ALL of the things “Mother England” charged them for. Now, of course I am unaware if these thugs...oops, I mean “patriots” were on the clock but fair to say....they simply had enough. These kinds of things are always messy. And there sometimes needs to be collateral damage in order to get true change, as our country has modeled for us over its history. Given all of that, What is this obsession people have with “peaceful” protests and shaming vandalism/looting? We gave America our most non-violent and peaceful man. Reverend. Doctor. We held hands, smiled and prayed. We sang church songs, marched and held signs................ What did he get for his efforts you ask? They shot him dead on a balcony like a dog, gave him a Holliday and repeat the same tired 15 seconds of ONE of his many speeches. The 15 seconds that makes them feel the most comfortable and least culpable. So, yeah...in the grand scheme of things...fcuk a random azz Target or Autozone.🔥🏦🔥
  7. “Why break things? that won’t get your message across and alienates people...as well as potential allies” “Why poor behavior, take the high road” “Just find a way to silently and peacefully protest police brutality”
  8. Here here. I’d be set if they made these for elbows
  9. Almost wish I never read this thread...yet aNOTHEr thing to worry about with this beloved hobby/lifestyle 😝
  10. Now that I think of it an Esk8 would also give me to bring an E-toy with me on the plane. Since several have removable lithium batteries that comply...
  11. Hmm. That’s a thought. I suppose part of my problem is that I have a huge EUC ( KS18XL) and live in a 3rd floor apartment. I figured an esk8 would be easier to just grab and go
  12. I’ve found my self wanting a casual but fun PEV as an alternative to my EUC. There have been times I wanted to just make a quick trip to the pharmacy or package store but without getting completely geared up like I do for my EUC. ive been eyeballing one of those off-road looking E boards to serve this purpose Do any of you have an alternative PEV? And how/when do you use it?
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