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  1. I have ridden with hard sole, high top boots, soft sole skate shoes running shoes, and bare feet. My favorite was bare feet. But I'm nervous as all heck though so I'm going slow and just for a quick ride. My usual shoe are the skate shoes. They are very grippy and comfortable for long rides.
  2. I noticed I hit 115F today. But it was not as warm as it usually is here in Florida. I was pushing 25 mph for about 12 miles.
  3. I think you have to listen to your body. If you can stand, put pressure on your recovering knee, and the vibrations don't bother you too much, then go for it but just start with a short, easy ride. I had torn meniscus surgery twice on the same knee about a year apart. If I had an EUC at the time, I would have been on it in no time. But the ACL is a whole other level of trauma. Be careful and don't rush it.
  4. My 16X mud flap broke on day 1 of owning my wheel. I'd like to make a flap out of a recycled bicycle tire.
  5. So the world didn't come to an end, less then .02 % of people died (and that's a generous estimate), are you still hiding your heads in the sand for this overblown, fake disaster?
  6. So I tried this experiment several times. I loose interest after about a minute and go full speed. I can only slow down to 3 mph with intermittent slight pauses. This has helped me see I have a long way to go to become proficient. But I'm not falling as much as I use to!
  7. I always ride with a backpack anyway. I keep my seat, water, and a Leatherman in it. The other day I rode over some almost invisible net that got wrapped around my axle so tight it through me off. I didn't carry a knife then. My hands were all cut up trying to pull the net out. It's weird that the net was stretched across the path at a point where it was in the shadows. Almost like it was a trap! Am I getting paranoid? Invisible Net https://imgur.com/gallery/W1RFD0S
  8. I'm in the same boat. There are other people four hours east and west of me but no one close.
  9. I've had a few beers and jumped on my wheel. It gave me more fluid motions if you ask me. Pun intended
  10. What is the estimated cost of a battery pack?
  11. I stream Amazon Music from BT. It automatically connects to BT.
  12. I haven't ridden on any beaches, but I have passed several police on bike trails, roads, and sidewalks (when nobody is around) and they never said anything to me. One waved the other day.
  13. Can someone provide a pic of EUC World running on the Vapor 2 please.
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