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  1. Hello, After updating my phone to Android 10 the official IamIPS app was no longer able to find any BLE devices, including my I5 EUC. It is a bummer since I always like to check the battery level before going out for a ride. Because of this I have put together a small unofficial app just for checking the battery state of I5 on Android devices. I thought I'd share the link here in case someone finds themselves in a similar situation. You can find the link to the Google Play listing of the app at my website. The app is currently in beta as it has not been tested enough. There might be crashes and something might look off. Let me know (preferably through the feedback channel) if you face problems with the app.
  2. Moikka, Toivottavasti tämä ei ole sääntöjä vastaan mainostaa täällä, mutta aattelin että tää osuis tänne varmaan parhaiten. Päätin pistää 16X:n myyntiin hävettävän vähäisen käytön takia. Lisätietoa tuolta:
  3. Hi! I have decided to sell my 16X to a new home, where it would hopefully get to ride more often. About the wheel: Overall: The wheel has seen relatively little use. I've ridden approximately 500 km on it. (I will check the exact distance on EUC world once I get back to my wheel) The wheel works perfectly and is in an overall good condition. Purchase information: Purchased at 1RadWerkstatt (Germany), on September 2019 at price of 2094€. Case: There are some scrape marks on the top back side of the wheel near the charging ports due to a stand still fall last year. There are also some wear near the pedal and pedal hinge area due to normal use. No cracks or breaks anywhere. Tire: Tire is most likely of type CX321 (from first batch, with the green line around the tire). Holds air well and has many miles to go. Controller: This is a first batch wheel, but the controller has been replaced by a newer version by the vendor on spring of 2020. The original controller suffered from a fault where the left RGB strip was malfunctioning. I don't know which version the current controller is but I assume it is either 1.4 or 1.5. Battery: The battery pack is well maintained and in a good condition. No signs of any ill-effects. The pack has never been discharged below 30% and is usually charged to 80% or 90%. Maximum charge current has been 3A. Wheel has always been stored in room temperature. Extra: The wheel comes with a wonderful blue/black Roll.nz bodyguard and a 1RadWerkstatt branded fast charger. Optional extra: I'd also like to give away a blue POC Cortex flow helmet (size L), some Wosame branded elbow and knee guards and a pair of brand new Gyroriderz gloves (version 2, size M). Including these to the purchase will not affect the asking price. I'd really like to just give them away with the wheel. About the purchase: Asking price: 1600€ Location: Helsinki / Tampere, Finland Pickup: I am a bit reluctant to ship the wheel as there are many things that can go wrong. Therefore I would greatly appreciate if you had the possibility to meet in person and pick up the wheel. I will happily let you inspect the wheel and test drive it. I really like the 16X. The range is amazing, it handles well and it goes fast. I have however figured out that what I use my EUCs mostly for is commuting. Since I travel almost daily between cities by train and ride only short distances, the 16X is a bit overkill for my use case. Hopefully it will be able to be located into a loving home where it will experience many more riding hours with it's new owner. Feel free to send me a private message if you got interested and/or require more information. Optional extra:
  4. I don't think there is an easy way to update the firmware. It seems the app is trying to connect to a web service at http://app.iamips.com:8000/service/ipsservice.asmx?wsdl but the server appears to be down. So getting the file is a problem. As to how it possibly could be done.. I have decompiled the iamips app to see if there are any clues. If I understand correctly, the app first downloads a file called "blue_ips_bootloadable.cyad" into a directory called "IamIPS" on the users phone and then interprets the file and sends the data to the I5. Now, I think the part "blue" in the filename refers to bluetooth, which made me wonder if this is a file to update only the bluetooth part but so far I haven't found any other filenames mentioned in the code. So maybe that's the firmware file? Who knows.. Maybe someone who has updated their I5 in the past still has the file on their phone. Indeed the wheel firmware seems to have information on which battery capacity option you might have on your wheel. What I am not sure about is whether it actually gets this information from BMS or is it just a value set on the controller by a vendor using some sort of debug app. I might not remember exactly as I don't have my I5 with me right now, but it might be possible to set the capacity programmatically. If the wheel indeed uses (does it?) the capacity information for determining maximum speed, it makes me wonder if anything happens if you rewrite a bigger value on the current one. I would practice caution however when tinkering with this sort of stuff. The firmware accepts new max speed settings gladly but they don't seem to have much effect. I set my I5 max speed to 30 kph but understandably the wheel makes the decision how fast it wants to travel.
  5. Hi and my apologies for a late reply. I'll have to check the total mileage when I get back to my wheel. I ordered my wheel from 'weunicycle' store on eBay on 24th of July 2019. I remember it took almost a month to arrive so I've been riding it since August - September of 2019. I too feel more at ease when riding the wheel on dry sunny weather. Both for the wheel's sake and mine. But it seems to have held ok in worse conditions too, for now. I found I quickly got more miles on it than on my 16X, as it's so much more comfortable to lug around on public transport. At work people don't even notice it even though I have it visible right under my desk. How often do you have to charge your wheel? I feel that during working days, I have to charge my wheel every second day. After two days there is still about 50% of the battery left but at that point I feel the speed is reduced too much to my liking already. I have to agree it's a bit of shame you can't buy them anymore. It's not a wheel I would wholeheartedly recommend to anyone today (if it would still be available that is), as it has it's small flaws and is best suited for short commutes or backup, like in your case. But overall it's just a joy to ride. I kind of wish there would be more small wheels available. I would gladly sacrifice the "world's thinnest" form factor in favor of more conventional motor assembly and maybe even hotswappable battery pack. Next best option seems to be the Mten3, which I might end up getting. I got a bit sidetracked here but whatever..
  6. Howdy! I thought I'd share some images I took during my I5 cleaning process and some thoughts related to them. I've been using IPS I5 for covering short walking parts of my commute for little less than a year now. This spring, after about half a year of owning the wheel, I thought I'd open my I5 up and do a bit of cleaning as I had read and seen in teardown pictures of others that the weatherproofing might be on the questionable side. I will let pictures do most of the talking. To give some context of my use case: I use this wheel for covering quite literally the first mile (kilometer really) and last mile of my commute. I travel between cities by train five days a week to my workplace and back home. All together my wheel gets around 5 km (3.1 miles) worth of riding each working day. The roads on the way are mostly paved. I have pushed the assumed lack of weatherproofing a bit in a sense that I have ridden the wheel during rain and during snow. However, I try to treat the wheel nicely and for example always place the wheel upright after riding it in wet conditions so that the water can dribble down without messing up the electronics. Sight right after opening the wheel. Separating the halves was easy and only a screwdriver with two sizes of hex heads was needed. A lot of dust had gone in as can be expected. Wheel close up. More dust. This is the left side of the wheel. The separator plate tries to keep the dust away from the electronics. There is no rubber sealing or anything of that sort. Separator is hard plastic. Three battery connectors and two going to the power switch. Some phase connectors(?) seen there as well. Connectors had held together just fine. Battery detached. The black plastic plate on right side in the picture was covering the cable connectors and keeping them in place. A bit of dust had gotten into the electronics side. No sign of water damage. Tire pulled off and separator removed. There is dust inside the motor. Motor coil winding. The enamel coated wires seem to be secured (and maybe protected a little) by a glue of some sort. I had feared that at some point some of the enamel coating would wear off and cause trouble but so far so good. To be honest, after only half a year of use that would have been a little disappointing. Dust, dust everywhere. Motors cables are held against the right half of the EUC by a plastic cover. I did not remove this part so no idea whats underneath. Inside of the wheel assembly / another side of motor was equally dusty. Here I've cleaned away some of the dust just by washing with soapy water. Most of the dust cleaned off the left half of the I5. This is where my pictures of this particular cleaning session end. I ended up cleaning away all the lubricant in the bearing holes as well and applying some new general purpose bearing grease. Putting the I5 back together was just about doing everything in reverse order. Pulling the tire off the wheel required a fair amount of force as the magnets are quite strong. To me this was the most unnerving step of the whole process as the tire suddenly pops up. After about a week of my cleaning session I noticed that the iamips-app could not detect my wheel anymore. It took me some time to notice this as I don't use the app that often. I usually just charge and go. However I would like to be able to check the battery level at times. My first thought was to open the wheel again to see that I had not damaged anything. At this point I had however started to suspect the app too, as I had recently updated my phone OS to newer Android version. I tried out an older version of the app too that can still be found on eWheels.com website. Neither of the apps could locate any ble devices in their vicinity anymore. I think previously the apps showed all the devices they could find, not just the I5. After that I tried out an app called nRF Connect, which was able to locate the wheel. Despite that, I decided to reopen the wheel for inspection. The next three pictures are from that session. After about a week worth of driving after the cleaning session. Inside of the motor with some fresh lubricant and magnets cleaned. Another side of the tire-motor assembly. There is a nasty circular scratch about half a millimeter deep around the rim as the wheel had picked up a small rock that got stuck between the cover and the rim. I could not see any cables that I would have forgotten to connect or any other obvious fault so I closed the wheel. In the end the problem did turn out to be an incompatibility issue with the app and current version of Android. I later put together a small app for checking the battery level. All in all I feel the I5 has served me well so far. The lack of weatherproofing is something that I suggest that one would have to keep in mind when handling the wheel. As the wheel is thin, its very tempting to lay it flat on the floor under the seat in a train. I would however only do that if the wheel was completely dry. I noticed that during winter snow tends to clog the inside of the wheel so bad that the wheel will be unable to spin at all. It goes without saying that melting the snow away should be done in upright position as well.. I feel that taking good care of the wheel is especially important now as it seems that I5 might not be sold on eBay and Aliexpress anymore and spare parts are probably non-existent. Maybe other IPS wheels too? (A random curiosity that I had not seen mentioned here before is the 288Wh capacity model of the battery. The marking on the battery housing and the capacity that iamips-app used to report (when it worked) seemed to indicate so, but I guess one can't be sure without opening up the battery cover and inspecting what is inside.)
  7. The 16X is my first EUC too. I've only been riding it a couple of hours a day during the past two weeks, so my experience is obviously very limited, but so far it has been nothing but a smooth ride and I'm really enjoying it. I had also ordered i5 for last mile commuting and I had originally planned to practice with that, but as the 16X had already arrived, I just couldn't resist keeping my hands.. feet off it. I started following this thread before I got my wheel and I have to say that I'm grateful for the riders more experienced than myself for sharing their thoughts on the wheel and pointing out things to be mindful of. It's good to see possible issues being recognized and addressed. Again, I definitely lack the sensitivity to pick up things that could be better, but for me, the overall feel is that the wheel has been functioning very well. I didn't have any major issues with the 1.01 firmware but I upgraded to 1.05 as soon as it became available. It might of course just be my imagination or me slowly getting more confident with the wheel, but I kind of think that the wheel might now feel slightly smoother to ride. Also, with 1.01 I had some trouble turning off the RGB lighting completely. Flicking the switch in the KS app wouldn't turn off the lights instantly. With the new firmware this too seems to work as I expect it to. I guess the only extra feature that I wish for was the possibility for the user to replace the default horn sound with something else. As I'm planning to ride mostly on smaller roads and bicycle paths, I'm afraid that I'm going to give someone a heart attack by honking the horn.
  8. Kiitos ja tottahan toki! Pitää tosiaan hieman ensin reenata että pysyn teidän messissä.
  9. Moikka! Uusi tyyppi täälläkin. Toistaiseksi Helsingin suunnilta, mutta syyskuusta eteenpäin pääasiassa Tampereelta löytää. Päätin ostaa itselleni jotain kivaa koulusta valmistumisen lähestyessä ja tilasin tuon KS-16X:n. Pohdin pitkään OneWheeliä, mutta sitten löysin tämän foorumin ja luin lisää yksipyöräisistä. Vaikutti ehkä vähän käytännöllisemmältä työmatkoja ajatellen ja senpä takia nyt olen täällä. Aiempaa ajokokemusta ei ole, joten ensi viikosta alkaen varovaisin liikkein opettelemaan.
  10. I ordered mine at 1RadWerkstatt.de. Arrived on monday but won't have time to try it out until next week. Being my first EUC, I assume there's going to be a relatively lenghty learning process involved. Feeling eager to start it though!
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