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  1. Hello Radiostar, Be warned, I have used mine for +-1000 km, and just over 6 months and the dam thing has died.... No response anymore from Xinly.... It is a shame !!!
  2. Udate.... Dear people, watch out for xinlitech!!!! They don't even answer me anymore. So I lost 1500 euro after 6 months of use.....very dissapointed I should stop buying from chinese sellers....they make a lot of crap that does not match the European standard. I have no hope I can recover the scooter So be warned friends....
  3. The batteries still give 60,7V, so it seems they are not damaged. I hope it is only the motherboard, also not possible to test the motors but I think they are OK. I already contacted them by WhatsApp, waiting for the answer... I also looked for possibly a real Segway X2 SE....these prices are really criminal in Europe...+ 9000 euro For that money I can almost buy a Dacia Duster I don't want to spend that much money for a shelf with 2 wheels, 2 motors, batterypack, motherboard and some other small components....
  4. Very bad news...ES6+ just died when charging.... It was charging for about 3 hours, I went to the garage and smelled a burnt odor This evening I decided to investigate the damage.... Also with dismantling I noticed the plastic used is not of very good quality conclusion...this is also another poor, cheap and not reable device. Very dissapointed, before the damage the device was a dream to ride.
  5. Hi Thomas, Sorry for the delay (it seems I don't get notifications when someone has posted in my topic???) I managed to buy the ES6+ directly from Shenzhen home base, they told me they could ship from there Polish or French warehouse, so I did not have to pay extra import taxes. My ES6+ came from the French warehouse, shipping was 200 USD, price ES6+: 1350 USD and PayPal commission 78 USD, so a total amount I payed = 1628 USD. Till now I am still very please with the ES6+, driven just over 1000 km. Best Regards, thommy
  6. Thanks trev. Since I have at this moment 2 good working chargers, I will increase the output voltage of one charger to 67,2V and use thisone once a week...good idea?
  7. Just increased the charger output voltage to 63,5V. Let's see this evening if the ES6+ is more than 90% charged. Below 62V the the ES6+ is only for 85% charged, 5 block indicator is full when starting to drive, after 200 meter there is already one 'block' indicator out. Do you guys think that 63,5V have no bad impact on the battery life?
  8. Hi Philip, Maybe you get some cheap second hand stuff in NZ, here in Westen Europe it is crazy how much they ask for everything with the name 'segway' On second hand: Original Segway I2 : 3500 Euro Segway X2SE: NEW =almost 10.000 euro, second hand between 5.000 and 7.000 euro.... But most of all, you don't find it often on the second hand market. I have payed nearly 1500 euro for ES6+, delivered at my home. Driven almost 1000 km at this moment and the device itself never let me down until now. OK, now I had some problems with the charger (+- 30 Euro new), but this is peanuts and can happen also with a Segway charger (the same charger 'made in China') Conclusion, for the price of 1 segway I can buy almost 7 ES6+
  9. OK, I think I found it... GX12 3P I suppose....
  10. Hello Guys, Can someone tell me the exact name/type for the 63V connector that goes into the ES6+ please. Diameter is 9mm and is a XLR type (like for audio) Thanks!
  11. Hey FreeRide, Done this, turn a little on the trimpot and now I have back 62,8V output. Don't know for how long, but last reload was successfull. What do you think about this charger: https://www.aliexpress.com/item/32827642280.html?spm=a2g0s.9042311.0.0.78864c4dAHISsS 4A, should this not be too much current?
  12. Update... After 3 1/2 months and 650km driven I have a problem by charging the es6+. Measured the output from the loader and it only gives a 56,9V! Result...cannot charge the batteries full, only at 50% although the led on the charger is green. Contacted Xinli and they told me there is only a 3 months warranty on the charger, although the is a clear notice on my Invoice ' 1 year warranty guarantee' After telling I am very dissapointed and pissed off they are willing me to send a new charger, I only have to pay €15 for shipping. This is not the way you do business If you ask me.... Can please advice me for a alternative loader??? (DC 63V/2.0A)
  13. some pictures of the gearbox and coupling, always fine for a techie
  14. Wow, thats a lot of money No fotos of battery, battery pack was installed om the ES6+ and as long it is not required I am not intending to open this pack No limitation on going reverse. Limited 20km/h The large size is for me (off road fan) a real gift in comparison the Mini Pro... While the Mini Pro is very nervous and also very limited on aff-road ground, the ES6+ is a real supersafe vehicle that can ride on very rough terrain. The big (balloon) wheels work as a sort suspention (90kPa/13,05psi), Those tires are tubeless type with very good grip.
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