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  1. @Marty Backeis retiring young. He’s an Electrical Engineer, and one of the most obsessed wheel enthusiasts on the planet, Hmmmmm...... HEY GOTWAY!!! KINGSONG!!! INMOTION- I want one of the first ‘Marty Backe’ models! .........Seriously!
  2. Sounds interesting....you got my curiosity up
  3. I found a spot where a couple of fellas were paragliding from a cliff , or ridge on the lake. Incredible to watch!
  4. Have you read the 16x thread? It seems there are issues that hopefully will be sorted to the satisfaction of most of the people who laid down money for that unit. I stopped myself from ordering this one myself a couple of times because of concerns mentioned in that thread As for the lighter wheel, I just assumed, maybe wrongly, that that was more a price point thing, but lighter would be nicer. I was speaking for myself as a 90 kg rider, looking for his ‘next’ wheel, who would like to have the option of riding at least 25 miles on varied terrain and in cooler weather- it seems that only 50 lb wheels will do the job, as recharging on route is not a certainty mostly.
  5. Bloody curved thumb, drove me mad. Seems simple but.........aargh! Itzhak is SO awesome. Don’t know if I have the patience for the spider technique- but now I’m giving away the true nature of my problem learning (everything?) lol
  6. Def acoustic guitars, electric s don’t really need cf but then again it would maybe be good for the neck? Anyways, electrics (guitars) are a whole other ‘rabbit hole’. A tone freaks paradise! Esp with pedals, amps etc. Lol My source of frustration with the violin was bowing, and when I got my teacher to play my cheap chinese guitar and she made it sound so sweet I nearly collapsed lol. I never wanted to pick it up again since that day for some reason. It is still my favourite sounding instrument though.
  7. Well, ladies and gentlemen- the EUC has now become both collectible and customizable like with automobiles. COOL! AWESOME custom @Hermes! Super retro cool!
  8. I’m sure for a gigging musician the frp (or carbon fibre) instruments are a godsend , I’m a little surprised its so slow catching on.
  9. Pretty sweet instrument! Geared tuners must be awesome if they work well. I have not ‘loved’ the cf guitars i tried, but a travel and moisture level and heat impervious instrument sure would be nice. Cheers ps, interesting about that tuner, thanks!
  10. @LanghamP do you find playing the glasser to be as satisfying soundwise as wooden instruments? I went through a ‘violin period’ but went back to guitar , but nothing emotes like a violin i think!?
  11. LOVE the easy battery swap idea (tool-less please), but the spare batteries should be very reasonably priced or included and not available as just a high markup item for dealers to gouge us for like the current v8 spare battery pack seems to be! Gotta not have all the glitches from v10 series Slightly wider tires are my preference and v8 / kingsong type trolley kinda essential. U can get rid of the Disco lights as far as I’m concerned too! Big pedals please. ps. I can’t help but think if someone built a msx or acm2 (maybe both?) type wheel, with the apparent quality It originally looked like ninebot and maybe inmotion had, and a really decent app plus upgradeable firmware, that euc sales would be many times what they currently are judging from all the comments on this forum from members. I’d rather spend a few extra bucks for a high quality unit that covers alot of my intended uses than be a ‘wheel collector’. There seems to be lots of ‘fence sitters’ waiting for one company to get their act together- me included. Pps Kingsong really screwed up putting out what looked like a real winner that shook buyers confidence in them, imho. I think Inmotion could swoop in and really pick up/ create some more market share here now!
  12. Theres an excellent tutorial type video idea!
  13. Good luck with that! Ive got Nikola plus sticker shock and KS 16x issues concerns that keep me from spending!
  14. @lirva interesting read! Great to read about your EUC journey. Whats next lol?
  15. Great info and pictures @RoadRunner ! PERFECT I’d say (still can’t get that song outta my head from your test video, must be techno mind control voodoo). Looking forward to hear how you like the CST tire after some more miles!
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