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  1. I wondered if anyone has tried the Triple 8 hired hands style wrist guards. They’re much more than the Hillbilly Hands but they seem worth a try. Thanks @Sebrios for the reviews above. I’ve really got to get something decent soon!
  2. I wish InMotion well with this release! They seem to me to have held the benchmark for quality and safety so far in many respects and this new offering is ambitious for sure. InMotion has enjoyed very significant sales numbers the last couple of years even though their product line offered significantly lower range and speed/performance than what other manufacturers produced. They go their own way it seems! I just hope that suspension doesn’t make the wheel feel ‘disconnected’ from the rider, especially off road where momentary control is so important. As for price, possibly time will bring it down a bit, but we live in an world where bicycles (non-motorized) cost upwards of $6,000 for the features that true enthusiasts want, so I’m not surprised by this price; but proof of execution remains to be seen!
  3. They’ve gotta address that problem with the axle nuts. Cmon Gotway....no more lipstick on the pig guys!
  4. I wonder if those big peaks, as nice as they are for blocking the sun, help to hide branches. I’ve had some “near misses” while wearing my helmet with a good sized peak. Glad you’re alright!
  5. @meepmeepmayer said “No, but I tried one. It's a nice wheel (all wheels are nice), just no comparison to my ACM or any modern performance wheel. The danger with the V8 (and why I dislike it) that's it's just good enough (and expensive enough - 1000 is a lot) so it's no longer clearly a "small"/secondary wheel like a 14 incher. So people might get one and think this is more or less all EUCs have to offer, without clear knowledge there's a huuuuuuge step up available. A dead end trap in some way” Gotta agree with this 100%. Pretty trouble free wheel if that of great importance, but very limited in range, and the small tire only suited for very nice pathways, and the power level is way behind the “pack average”.
  6. Canada has another location I didn’t see on your list fyi - smartwheel.ca

  7. Amazon et al would deliver by way of carts propelled by dual Gotway Monsters. Hopefully not with Gotway designed autonomy though!
  8. Old Glider

    MSuper Pro?

    A little less talk, alot more....OVERHEAT HILL. LOL
  9. Old Glider

    MSuper Pro?

    Here’s hoping the downhill braking is improved
  10. Old Glider


    @seageThats a real Stealth, lane-splitting Super-cruiser you have there now! No whine! I’m nervous in my car in that area, you musta grown up there to be that comfortable, lol. Enjoy
  11. @Marty Backe Thats awesome! It took me over a week or more of very frustrating 20 minute attempts to get where she is at now! Saved both her and the v8 alot of little bumps and bruises too! Props Marty,
  12. @Hunka Hunka Burning Love Is right, Fleabag was a big surprise to me too! Wish there was more. What about ‘Bosch’, ‘Goliath’ and ‘Justified’ - all on Amazon Also, no one mentioned Elementary, how is that possible? Oh, and what about ‘Sneaky Pete’ ?
  13. Probably never a bad time to buy a v8. Great unit , light weight, good power, app is not as bad as others probably and is very easy to resell quickly if u outgrow it and don’t want to keep it. There are definitely times when its light weight and good trolley handle makes it extremely useful. Get the cover with it- not much padding but it helps! There is a thread on the rumored new inmotion units supposedly being proposed but no concrete info in weeks! There’s always something shinier coming up. (Alternatively, a kingsong 16 s is a bargain right now and offers much more range and owners seem very happy with them).. Don’t overthink the learning curve, it’ll be over soon and you’ll be off and running, but it can be a little frustrating at first and then you are moving and thinking about protective gear. Start on one of those rubber tracks or fields like @Mike Sacristandoes in his videos with all his cuties, and then u won’t be tempted to tie a rope to it which will only cause the unit to whack u in the ankle at some point. My experience is I outgrew the v8 quickly at my 6 ft, 200 lbs ish, due to it feeling slightly toyish now and having somewhat limited range of about 25 kms realistically in warm weather, but I would keep this wheel for its light weight and many useful traits. The main thing is to get something and get going, its a blast @kyle! Cheers
  14. Thank you for this insight @mrelwood, I hope Kingsong can get the16x issues reasonably sorted. The whiny noise of the 18xl is kinda a deal breaker for me I think.
  15. Old Glider


    @Marty Backeis retiring young. He’s an Electrical Engineer, and one of the most obsessed wheel enthusiasts on the planet, Hmmmmm...... HEY GOTWAY!!! KINGSONG!!! INMOTION- I want one of the first ‘Marty Backe’ models! .........Seriously!
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