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  1. alright, decided to keep it, change the tyres to knobbies and use it as a winter ride!
  2. For sale a gotway msx 84v v3. Almost new, bought it for a friend that changed his mind. I did some minor mods, added padding to the side (extra foam included), lowered the pedals angle a bit and removed the stock griptape to some better one (extra griptape included) The msx has 63 miles on it, i dont use it at all since i got the nikola. Never crashed, minor scratches because of the way i store it. Would prefer a collect, could drive a couple of miles though. 1100£ https://ibb.co/x7cCBFx https://ibb.co/HKW8xc8 https://ibb.co/PQp9n77 https://ibb.co/fqWz1SS https://ibb.co/kG3d6Kb Whatsapp or text 07508974122.
  3. most likely, the motor couldn't handle the extra push and decided to let go. usually happens to me when i am rolling front and back aggressively but it picks up again fast enough not to fall(110kg guy here)
  4. glad you didnt get hurt, i scrapped my knee going 10mph last week and its still annoying me XD was debating on getting a 16x instead of my 2h ago sold v10f. the v10f has one annoying tiltback , i would be going 25, try to accelerate a bit and suddenly tilt back with no way to lower the speed safely, thankfully it only happens on empty roads. i am hoping to get the 16x later this month after my nikola arrive and spend 100 miles on each to decide what to keep, knowing they are built tough is a good thing to keep in mind as i have not seen many 16x crashes (thankfully).
  5. well, here is what i came up with. this design should offer better control and comfort using the stock handle placement. i have two handles and it mounts perfectly using the stock screws and it doesnt mount at all on the other for some reason. i ended up drilling a new hole through the rail and using a bolt and nut instead of screws. pictures coming as soon as my camera decides to work. side note, its a bit wider than the body. will make a slimmer design soon Body6.stl
  6. i agree, i wont go through all the hassle of a custom mounted rail and handle now but if this helps even a tiny bit, why not.
  7. currently in the design phase of a comfy handle. i use the trolley alot and the stock handle is annoying . function over looks design here.
  8. Hello all. starting this thread to compile the 3D printed mods in one place. i am designing and testing my own parts and will upload them after testing but if anyone has a 3D printed mod they want to share feel free to post it here. enjoy the technology everyone
  9. the ONE best mod i have done to my msx(so far). i have a v10f with msx pedals, the pedal on the v10f has an even steeper angle but doesn't feel uncomfortable at all because of the padding on the v10. meanwhile the stock angle on the msx was pure torture , i couldn't complete a 2 mile trip without taking a break. i didnt have the right tools for the job so i simply ran my dremel and found the best angle for me , made sure they are both equal by measuring the total length after filing. it did take 2 hours of dremling, measuring fitting testing over and over again but i say its worth it.
  10. only the right pedal broke, left one had lots of cracks but it didn't break. i replaced them with the msuperx pedals and i like them, they will need to get filed a bit to fit and fold.
  11. if the msx pedals fit i dont mind the size difference if it means i could get my wheel running asap. i am designing and printing a prototype currently for a much larger pedal that would take a beating , will need to finish prototyping on a 3d printer first before ordering the part made of aluminium.
  12. yup that is a lot of force to take on pedals that people dont think are so great. i am not putting blame anywhere except on myself for not paying attention, the scenery was great thou and i enjoyed it more walking by my now broken wheel XD. thankfully there is no damage elsewhere to the wheel, checked the rim and all looks fine.
  13. mine broke today, same height and weight as you but they broke while i want really looking at how deep is the curb i was landing from (almost 3 times your normal curb) and unlucky me landed on the 1 hole in the whole road (almost 6 inches deep so that is around 25 inches total landing) luckily i wasn't going fast to fall off (5 miles an hour?) any way now i am looking at replacements, dont know if the msuper one fits (even if requires some work to fit i dont mind) because replacements are no where to be found in the UK. i am printing a replacement and will probably stiffen it up with metal rods and 90 degree hinge and see how it goes.
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