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  1. Alright, thanks for your feedback. Looks like I have to disconnect the circuit board from the heatsink first. The whole thing feels so sketchy but I fear that without it I may run into corrosion issues. I did waterproof the shell and verified that no water is coming in touch with the board itself Thanks for your help, I may ask you again if I have any other questions.
  2. Thanks for the input. Did you end up disassembling the whole board first? Also were there any areas you avoided spraying? Any more details you can provide helps a lot. I am mostly worried about the mosfets getting coated and overheating as a result.
  3. Oh ok, that makes sense. I got the brush on kind instead of the spray on kind. Did you end up spraying it over the mosfets as well? I was under the impression that those tend to heat up the most. BTW I apologize if I am bugging you with too many questions - just not much out there in terms of people applying this. After my wheel gave out on me from riding in the rain, I want to make sure that I get the rain-proofing right since it basically rains here for half the year and it has become an extension of my legs.
  4. I am thinking about adding conformal coating to my Gotway Tesla pcb. I've already waterproofed the shell but I wanted to stay on the safe side and protect the pcb as well. Has anybody had success applying the coating? If so, I would love to know if you have any tips on how to carry it out. I realize there are videos for drones but I haven't found any for doing this to an euc board (which could potentially get hot). Thanks!!!
  5. @n2eus I am thinking about conformal coating my gotway tesla as an extra precuation (I've already sealed off the shell with silicone. I had a few questions. Do I need to prepare the board before applying conformal coating. I already got a uv light and didn't seen any indication that it was previously applied, however I do see a glossy layer over the newer gotway board (don't know what that is - doesn't give off any uv light). Can I paint the whole board or do I avoid certain areas like the mosfets? Did you have any problems with overheating after applying the conforma
  6. How do I go about discharging electricity on the mainboard?
  7. Thanks very much. did you end up having to add more glue on the wires after putting them back in?
  8. I got a new Gotway Tesla replacement board but it looks completely different from my existing one. Does anyone here have an idea of what should go where. I am at a complete loss.
  9. Thanks @MaxLinux, that's good to know. Looks like I might be going with @Marty Backe recommendation and replacing the board. I'll wait to see what my dealer does first. He reached out to Gotway so hopefully I'll hear something soon. Definitely want this resolved as soon as possible. In the short time I've ridden I feel like my legs have fused with the wheel.
  10. It was really rainy but I took it really easy. I would say under 25k the entire time. My concern is that the rain got into the control board somehow. I was fortunate that the cutout happened when I was going very slowly over the bump.
  11. Would that have happened from water damage or just regular use? Haven't heard of the Tesla having these issues but perhaps it's more common than I know.
  12. Right now my dealer is reaching out to Gotway and I'll wait for him to get back. But the next step is to start taking it apart. Hopefully it's something I can fix. The battery seems fine and even the bluetooth seems to connect. I'll make sure to take picture and post them here if I do start to take it apart. The other thing is that when the wheel is off it now feels gritty to roll around. I seem to remember that it was much easier to roll when the unit was powered off.
  13. I recently bough a Gotway Tesla (V1) and have been absolutely delighted with the performance and the feel. Recently I started to commute to work with it and it has been a nice alternative to my bike. Up until this point the wheel has fallen on a grass a few times and on the sidewalk at extremely low speeds. A couple days ago I decided to take it out for a ride in the rain, something that I've done in the past. This time the rain was a bit heavier and I managed to make it all the way to my destination. As I arrived I rode my Tesla at low speed onto a gentle (wheelchair) friendly
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