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  1. Hey man ! Let me know about international shipping , who would be the best to ship electric unicycles . I'm looking to buy one in US and use it there for awhile and then travel it / ship to Europe . FedEx told me a price of $1400 with weight of 51 lbs ..
  2. Just spoke with FedEx. They told me as long as battery doesn't have any liquids in it it should be fine to ship it ... So, they're isn't any right, haha ? Cost to London would be $750 and Easter Europe I checked for Estonia it was $1400 , holy shit .. Now gonna look in to the shipping companies to find the reasonable priced one.. by the way I mentioned the weight of the package which should be about 51-52 lbs.
  3. Hello everyone. I'm looking into buying KS16X ! Feeling pumped but there is just little problem I'm trying to sort out and if anyone had to deal with it I'd like to hear your opinion ! How would I Ship/travel that thing over to Europe ? Considering lithium battery with its size of 1500wh. I called FedEx and they told me I need to tell them UN number ( it is 4 numbers ) which should be marked directly on the battery . If anyone knows that number or knows best way to travel with it overseas I'd like to have a feedback for it ! Thanks !!! * PS. I'm European coming to the US for 7 months and I would love to enjoy riding the electric unicycle !
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