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  1. Hi Peters I ride motocycle in canada as well, and start EUC 2 months ago. Love every mins of it. Remember your first motocycle ? remember we asked 250/300 or 650/1000 bike ?? I think it's the same (if you take out the insurance part :)) I end up with the 250 bike (main factor is insurance, as you know it's crazy here), however, I wish I get bigger EUC than the ninebot one S2, but got lots of fun with this wheel and planing to keep it for awhile. My main concern was : "what if I give up? " It's took me couple weeks just to go straight-line. I almost gave up, but when I got it...
  2. wow. I thought I am the only one with 1 wheel in Toronto.... Anyway, I am starting ... still learning with the Ninebot One S1, only have about 30km on it
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