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  1. Correction: Riding on sidewalks (§291C-148, §15-18.7) Bicycle riding on sidewalks is prohibited within a business district. Do not ride a bicycle on sidewalks where official signs prohibit it. In areas other than business or prohibited districts, bicycles may be ridden on sidewalks provided the speed is 10 mph or less. The bicycle operator must yield the right-of-way to pedestrians, giving an audible signal before overtaking them. Not sure if this applies to EUCs since a bicycle is defined as the following: A bicycle is a vehicle operated solely by human power and has two tandem wheels on which people may ride. A bicycle also may have two front or two rear wheels. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- You are not allowed to ride any vehicles on the sidewalk. Segway Tours have a special permit by the city that allows them to operate their business on the sidewalks in certain areas. I don't know many people who ride their bicycles, skateboards, scooters and other personal transportation vehicles on the road for fear of their safety. Trails are the same. Most trails are for foot traffic only, but there are many bicyclists and dirt bikers that use the trails. The bigger issue is transporting your battery powered vehicle on planes. Almost all airlines prohibit EUCs and such on their planes. Kinda sucks.
  2. Just started riding and am pretty comfortable riding in open areas with no traffic. Am planning on doing some park and trail rides to get some miles in before doing street rides. If you are a beginner rider and want to do some short riding drills or safe park and trail rides let me know. I’m usually out riding on the weekends. DandyHi
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