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  1. Hi Colin. My reply is like 7 months late after your post. But I just thought I would point out that there are a growing number of euc riders in Perth and some of them are active in another post on this forum i've copied in below This post one was started all the way back in 2015, but there are still several current riders that check in and arrange rides to this day. All the best, Steve
  2. Yeah we had a great turnout for Friday night given the short notice for many riders. Looking forward to some further rides together and growing our group further!
  3. Ok, tomorrow night (Friday 12th June) we will meet up from 7pm at Kangaroo Point Cliffs where the "Man and Matter" red people sculptures are https://goo.gl/maps/1fFV3tpKVEeP7Cak8 If you want to come along and have a chat with other Brisbane EUC riders please do! Steve
  4. Hey everyone. I'm going to be at South Bank along the river on Friday night. Would be great to have a meet and greet for any Brisbane euc riders that would like to come along and say hi. Perhaps park and meet around the Kangaroo Point cliffs? Will also be setting up a group ride for Saturday June 20th probably, but tomorrow night (Friday) is just an impromptu meet up. Message me if you are interested in coming along to either. All the best, Steve
  5. Things have been pretty hectic and haywire the past couple of months. Sorry I didn't even notice your messages here! We have got more and more euc riders joining the ranks in Brisbane area so we should definitely start posting to coordinate more rides together. Hope to catch up with you soon, Steve
  6. Great to see you are up and running Rad! Enjoy developing your euc riding skills. All the best, Steve
  7. Hi mate, The stock was from end of 2019 when the button was added. And the pictures on the website aren't from the latest design cause we didn't have any updated ones at the time. I'll get the changes added and more content on there to make it obvious! We have ordered in more stock of Mten3 cause we just sold out of our local stock and now only have a demo onhand. They are a fun little ride for sure! I will have new stock onhand again within a week or so. Check back again soon. Shoot me an email at info@e-riderz.com.au, and I'll update you on current second hand models that our riders have available. Also, I have been planning to add a section on our website to offer our riders second hand models. But the stock is not in our possession and we can't directly facilitate payment/delivery for those units. So at this stage, we just do it as a favour for our riders and for others looking for second hand units. Thanks, Steve
  8. Hi mate, just to keep you informed, the Mten3 stock we have does have the cut out button. The Inmotion V8F is incoming, but the production run was delayed and delayed so we will have some in stock as soon as they come out of production! Regarding discussions on second hand wheels, we have access to such models like secondhand V8 and KS16S from our existing riders that are looking to or have already upgraded to other ewheels. We can put you in touch with the right owners if you are interested in the pricing they have to offer. All the best, Steve
  9. Great to hear you caught up with the ESK8 group and enjoyed your ride! I unfortunately twisted my ankle (carrying a heavy awkward load down some stairs), so had to avoid too much riding late December/Early Jan. But my ankle is mostly recovered now, so I'm keen to get back out there and join others on more rides. Steve
  10. Ah, we should definitely start another thread for getting the riders together in the Melbourne & Surrounding areas! I know there is a bunch of riders that are keen to get together, so I'll reach out to all our contacts and let them know.
  11. Sounds good. Looks like we are getting some more people onboard for riding around Brisbane! We are planning for some night rides next week, so I'll message everyone that has been in contact so we can all catch up and ride together. All the best, Steve
  12. Thank you for the update! It is definitely a better idea to thoroughly test new changes in design to ensure that those changes are worth having in the final product. Indeed if they detract from the final user experience then the change should be discarded and the new final product rechecked. Don't rush it, we prefer to have the best version of the final product! Many thanks for your diligence, and we look forward to news on the outcome of the next prototype. All the best, Steve
  13. Hi @Rebecca Vendrell. If you come back online at the forums, reply here and I can help you out with getting a second hand euc from one of our riders that has upgraded recently. There is not a large market for second hand models in Australia yet, but at any given time we are aware of few euc available from our riders and one of them could fit your needs for a beginner wheel!
  14. @Munsense I reached out to chopsywa again, and I think he would like to meet up with some other riders in Perth now. Can I put him in contact with you (and Jinnistellar) to check out the 16 inch KingSong wheels sometime? All the best, Steve
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