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  1. Thank you for the update! It is definitely a better idea to thoroughly test new changes in design to ensure that those changes are worth having in the final product. Indeed if they detract from the final user experience then the change should be discarded and the new final product rechecked. Don't rush it, we prefer to have the best version of the final product! Many thanks for your diligence, and we look forward to news on the outcome of the next prototype. All the best, Steve
  2. Hi @Rebecca Vendrell. If you come back online at the forums, reply here and I can help you out with getting a second hand euc from one of our riders that has upgraded recently. There is not a large market for second hand models in Australia yet, but at any given time we are aware of few euc available from our riders and one of them could fit your needs for a beginner wheel!
  3. @Munsense I reached out to chopsywa again, and I think he would like to meet up with some other riders in Perth now. Can I put him in contact with you (and Jinnistellar) to check out the 16 inch KingSong wheels sometime? All the best, Steve
  4. Hi @Brendan Halliday, sorry I missed your message here, I was unwell mid November around the time you posted here so I totally missed it! Welcome to the EUC club! Yes there are a number of EUC riders in Brisbane and it is definitely growing! I'm still very keen to get more people together to go for group rides, and with December holidays coming up I will be out there enjoying the nights riding more frequently. I will message you to discuss a catch up time. @Trevor Phillips Yes I think it's for the best you avoid trying to smuggle your MSX onto a plane!! Haha. But if are visiting Brisbane anytime, leave yours at home and we will ride together on one of the MSX we have here already
  5. It's great to see the Perth riders getting together to enjoy group rides and share experiences with different euc! @Munsense @Jinnistellar Enjoy your ride tomorrow!! All the best, Steve
  6. Thanks for your message. I'll be in touch to discuss the 16inch models and see if we can find you a rider local to you in Perth so you can try one out first! Thanks, Steve
  7. Hi Unventor Sorry I don't have a link, I got them in messenger direct from KingSong contact. I'll post in here with any updated designs.
  8. Maybe consider an add on like KujiRolls uses to help with jumping the 16X
  9. KingSong informed me the decals were more expensive because they needed to use a higher quality sticker (that is stickier) for use with 16X foam. So I guess they have taken this into consideration to ensure it does stick properly (and hopefully lasts!). I look forward to hearing any feedback on how well it works Cheers, Steve
  10. Guess anyone who wants to add some colour to their 16X might consider these. And even if you like that the 16X is black, there is a few options there to add some additional detail to personalize their ride! The X is definitely cool...
  11. Looks like King Song do have some stick-on options to customize the KS16X. Got to see these today: So you can see how it looks:
  12. Was talking to King Song today about the 16X, and I got to see some pictures of the new decal / stickers available. I can't wait to see more pictures of these on new KS16X.... Which is your favourite?
  13. @Gaz Bon Good to see there are ewheelers in Darwin area. I'm based in Brisbane and looking to get together riders in our area. Do you still have more then one wheel? If I hear from anyone in Darwin perhaps I could put them in contact with you? Also if you are ever looking for new models or parts, let me know Steve
  14. Hi All, Steve from E-RIDERZ in Brisbane Australia here. Calling out to all EUC riders in the greater Brisbane region. Get in touch if you would like to participate in group EUC rides in Brisbane area. Might be up for Gold Coast or Sunshine Coast rides too depending on numbers of riders interested. Great opportunity to meet other local EUC riders, try out different models, ask questions or get support. We have so many amazing places to ride and enjoy, so lets meet up and get out there to ride and explore together!
  15. Hi everyone, Steve here from E-RIDERZ. We are located in Brisbane and supply a range of electric unicycles within Australia. Our range of EUC is growing. Inmotion, KingSong, Ninebot & Gotway. @0wafi0 if you ended up buying an electric unicycle, reach out to me. Would be great to gather together all the EUC riders in Brissy region for regular group rides. For anyone else in Australia looking for new EUC (or parts for their existing model), please contact me and we will do our best to assist. Thanks
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