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  1. Copper work-hardens, so the more a wire is flexed the harder and more brittle it becomes, making it want to break. I think we saw the KS-S18 motor wires go through a support channel on the left side of the wheel. I'd guess they'd try to make it last for 2 years of use, as that seems to be the lifespan of the average wheel. InMotion seems to have the design advantage. Also notice the KS-S18 requires similar suspension tubes as InMotion's design and also takes up space out back, whereas InMotion's suspension components are inside the tubes.
  2. What people really want is a modular wheel. Add speakers, LEDs, or not. Add more or less battery depending on conditions. Change the firmware to what works best for them, adding new features. Add water-"proofing" or remove it and reduce weight. Fast charging for longer trips. Really solid frame and padded shell so it can crash and keep going (there's a lot to be said for, "it just works"). Adjustable, universal pedal hangers (more holes) and universal pedals. Two motor options, one for torque and one for speed. No cut-offs are really important for some, probably most people, but speed is
  3. Like @ShanesPlanet, I respect your original and revised viewpoint also, for similar reasons. Sometimes he's pretty smart for a used lawnmower salesman...
  4. @ShanesPlanet, you're getting as long-winded as Marty... Marty is a good guy, focusing on providing useful information in a clear, professional, [disjoint] personal manner. @Marco Domingos focuses on himself repeating his own poor decisions. Did he spend $2,000 on tools & lighting that appear to cost $40 out of China? Maybe he's including the mid-quality tables in those figures. What about his only artwork, the military-style poster of himself? Marco interviews himself--Marco's focus is on Marco, the rest are props used to circle back to discussing Marco. My guess is hi
  5. Yes, it was weird how that posted to the forum, using a remote connection may have caused it. (the the "rather odd" duplicate has been removed) -- @davinche I think part of the issue is many people who can afford EUCs as a hobby are a mixture of rational adult with strong focus in life and still young at heart who realize and accept potential shortcomings before investing. The OP played his shtick to the wrong audience. tldr: "Always know your audience."
  6. Are you aware that they just block me...? I don't blame them. I dont post here more often because everytime that I do is always people attacking... You focus on drama, and get the same critical attitude. If you want quality comments focus on quality content. Do you know that from all this videos if ive done $20 in total was a lot... That is a lot. It's hard to believe that many people like that sort of content, but Jersey Shore ran quite a few seasons. i dont have anything to add That's self-evident.
  7. Clean the main tube and occasionally use air spring lube to keep the seals lubricated. Very high-pressure seals supporting 100% of the rider weight & batteries, plus probably not as high of quality suspension--it's not a $500 suspension they're putting in the wheel. It is good for you that you can use your current wheels for life and only replace the batteries and a little axle grease. The rest of the world might like a technology update. Average speed does not take into account the speed people travel at when it is safe to do so. Average speed
  8. Hi guys. Sat down Saturday (my day off) to get this done, Windows 10 said it needed to reboot to finish installing updates. Well, don't ever let Windows do that if you need the computer the same day....that was the whole day shot. I apologize, I should have thought ahead on that one. With that going on I did leave for an appointment early and get a 1.3 mile ride in, then a thunderstorm hit and I got soaked. Rushing to get back I oversped and got "the beeps." I didn't slow down fast enough as I'd been riding one beep, slow down, one beep, slow down, and then the series of beeps hit--I slow
  9. From what I read, the KS16X is King Song's first attempt at copying Gotway instead of Segway and InMotion. Looks like they got it right...
  10. What was the fix???? New rider diet plan? Wheel max speed is 25% slower? "Please get off" saying now says something funny?
  11. that's really the failing of the Segway Transporter: it's a last-mile vehicle that can't easily be transported, and needs parking where no parking is designed for such a vehicle. Hoverboards & EUCs can be parked under your desk and put in a taxi if it rains/snows. And that's where Segway/Ninebot have failed in the hoverboard and EUC market: they keep making their products slower instead of faster. If they go as fast as I can walk, I can just walk...
  12. It does not have to be speed or quality or safety, this is a false assumption. If the customer wants speed, and you do not offer speed, the customer will buy from the company that gives them what they want. Often the customer also wants quality, and Gotway does not supply that in much of any capacity. It does however show that many customers want speed more than quality, which is Gotway's strength. Gotway sells mostly ugly travel suitcases with minimal flair, almost no quality, no real durability, for a lot of money, which is a testament to what people want.(Gotway does offer safety, whi
  13. I thought an $800 top-of-the-line hoverboard was expensive. I thought a $2,000 top-of-the-line EUC was expensive. I think a $4,500 top-of-the-line scooter is expensive. Some people pay it thought, and if they thought it wasn't worth it, they wouldn't.
  14. While your feet are in the wrong position for running out of a crash, "too dangerous" is the operator exceeding their abilities. I've seen members here crash, and other members run out a crash. I think it depends on luck, skill, and circumstance. I ran out a crash yesterday after over-speeding a machine, my intention was not to over-speed, nor crash the machine, but that's the risk one takes when going fast, which was entirely my risk to take. I'm not a OneWheel type of owner, nor a scooter guy--even though they're safer than wheels and hoverboards. I like riding what I like riding,
  15. To tell the rider to "please get off" is extremely rude in many cultures. InMotion is really pushing the limits of the hardware if they cannot simply slow down. Gotway allows the rider freedom. Freedom coupled with ignorance is usually painful. Freedom coupled with arrogance is government. Freedom coupled with stupidity results in karma.
  16. Please get out? Oh no! Did they have a language translation problem? Please explain! Or link--post a link so I know what you're talking about.
  17. I'd think storage space would start becoming a concern with as many wheels as you are fortunate to enjoy. The weather by you is also very nice. Three weeks ago we had a snow blizzard. Last weekend 4.5" rain. Yesterday some sun, 1 mile into a ride: thunderstorm rolled in. Overspeed and cutout on the way back (no injuries, my bad). Had to change out of the wet clothes. Ah well, cooked dinner and fell asleep.
  18. How do you manage the charging? You can't just pull up to a Tesla charging station...are coffee shops charge-friendly?
  19. They should be very different wheels. The V11 has unsprung mass (the battery) inside the motor housing, making for a thinner, more compact & controllable wheel which should feel lighter. The S18 battery is smaller/lighter, and on the sprung side of the suspension, which should make for a smoother ride. The V11 has a simple and light suspension, light = right. The S18 has a complex, tunable suspension that reacts better to varying surface conditions and resists binding. Better suspension = better ride. The V11 has, in theory, a larger motor with more coils an
  20. Thanks to @buell47 and @meepmeepmayer I now understand how to host images on this forum, so we're one step closer. I'm running @MRN76's firmware, and it indeed works very well, better than I expected. I did wipe the memory of one miniPRO in the process, something that's not that easy to do, but in my case it was also not that hard.... Since then @MRN76 rewrote the software and things go much more smoothly. He's been great to work with. I passed a girl on one of those generic Chinese hoverboards yesterday, she was doing the standard 4.5 MPH...sad. Also not fun. With a stock Ninebot an
  21. Looking at this again after thinking about it, and taking some time to view it on a bigger screen, starting with the Surface Mount Device mounting: Flux screening seems iffy. This is really hard to do well, and they don't seem to do it well. Parts placement sucks. It looks like it was done by hand, although it is probably automated and the pick & place machine's bearings are worn. The reflow soldering isn't great (not enough solder paste). The board washer looks like it is working okay. (Clean board! Yea!) The ICs are hand-soldered after the board is washed, a
  22. Conclusively, you can change the battery and nothing else is affected. i had some errands to run last night and tonight that were going to be faster via hoverboard than automobile so had the chance to dial in some more settings. I have off this weekend so should have the opportunity to get the updates finished. I have to say, that although I'm getting used to the speed, it's still "scary fast" and I rarely push it to its limits. Yesterday I pushed it to "dead battery," which is 170mAh, then any time you step on it it keeps tilting back until it forces you off. It was safe all the wa
  23. If you want safety, Segway->Ninebot->Xiaomi is probably the best built, most refined, safest line of products. Their firmware and hardware, in many regards, is very advanced and stable. (To the point they may force an Over-The-Air update that eventually slows your machine to walking speed. Ninebot has forever lost my business over this, their competition has gained it.) They have fantastic battery management technology, and while their software doesn't report it, one can get per-cell voltages over Bluetooth. If you look at safety alone, I'd estimate Solowheel->InMotion is a very
  24. My g/f has confidence in her riding ability and is into speed (she's a former gymnast, so that figures...). Getting her to slow down or wear safety gear is an issue.
  25. UPDATE: As an Essential Business we're suddenly super-busy at work (other in the industry are still shut down), though this should lighten up. I did take the miniPRO out for a 40-minute high-speed test run (it's now fast transportation to get around traffic backups, much like an EUC), and am refining the settings. As a note, @MRN76 has basic instructions on how to install the revised firmware, just be very careful doing it (I wiped out one miniPRO during the process). He's updated the process so this should go more smoothly. The firmware is solid and works.
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