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  1. That's unfortunately a strong possibility. While their renound lack of quality kept me from buying one they did drive the market to make faster wheels. I learned a lot from Gotway by them setting examples of "what not to do." The Monster was going to be that "hold your nose and do it" purchase...
  2. @mrelwood said (a bunch of stuff) If you show me a cell that in real-world conditions lasts 500 x20 = 10,000 full charge cycles (or "tens of thousands of cycles" -@alcatraz) I'll wet your flowers for a week. The chemistry doesn't exist for consumer cells to charge 3000mAh into a 3000mAh cell 10,000 or more times. Tesla automotive cells have the most advanced consumer chemistry known, and they hope they'll last 6,000 charges. The "million-mile battery" is a long way from the current 60,000 to 80,000 mile life expectancy, and like most of Musk's claims that's probably "highly optimisti
  3. Gotway had a lot of issues, and I'd bet not respecting their customers resulted in not respecting their employees, who eventually left. I wanted a Monster, issues delayed my purchase, and the result of reports is I won't be buying any Be-Goaty / Gotway products.
  4. I like Wikipedia, though unfortunately can't always trust a crowd-sourced information site (it depends on who's in the crowd and their motivations). Here's the info. from CE-Check.eu Gotway probably didn't put on the CCC symbol because the Chinese government would take serious issue if Gotway didn't meet the Chinese standards. (other countries' standards are their own concern, not china's)
  5. I seriously dislike "how much does it cost" questions when people don't even try to understand what you're driving (car, motorcycle, EUC, custom "something," etc...), since there's no right answer. For EUCs I say, "They're really affordable, have your parents buy you two." For parents, "Not much, I got a great deal." It's like asking how fast the micro-quads I build go...almost everyone wants to know, even though the difficulty in flying something that fits in the palm of your hand is way more important.
  6. It seems common to have difficulty leaning to ride at first, then figure it out, get over-confident, go fast, encounter something unexpected and crash badly. Having a "slow" wheel might save your bacon. (being forced to go slow might save you from getting hurt badly) It also frees up funds for safety gear.
  7. Tesla uses a proprietary battery chemistry that is optimized for use in their vehicles and is otherwise not available outside that narrow usage, so relating Tesla batteries to EUC batteries is generic in the sense that these are different types of lithium batteries, so there are similarities but things are different. Tesla batteries are pre-heated to reduce thermal shock to the battery which would otherwise be caused by charging it extremely quickly, as in going beyond "fast charging" to "super charging." Pre-heating the battery using energy stored in the battery is essentially saving "ra
  8. Drive an SCR off the speaker wire.
  9. @ShanesPlanetis bound to be along any minute... (probably watch the video 6 times before realizing what it's about thanks to his A.D.D.... ) (...and he probably things "George" is pronounced "whore-hey!", which in some countries it is!!! )
  10. @Tawpie, bring it current, man! (said like Biden) (loooong-range audio receiver) The funny thing is old amplifiers are really "smooth" (good quality), it's the speakers that are the weak link--replace the speakers and the sound is often (but not always) phenomenal. ----- There are digital timers with battery backup for the same price...so weekend vs. weekday programs, etc. can be done. I have a fancy one (that costs more) and supports multiple daily (instead of weekly) programs, and it hasn't glitched once. But for ease-of-use, old-school works and you don't have to wo
  11. Under ideal conditions perhaps, but my experience with cell/packs in general leads me to believe that's not under real-world conditions. Electro-chemical wear still takes place, just "less of it" due to greatly reduced internal heating. (No matter how careful a Tesla car owner is with discharge/charge cycles, the lithium cells aren't going to last 300K miles instead of 80K miles, much less 1.6 million miles--which would be 20x as long.) The numbers they're using are a bit "skewed." If I use 50% LiPo capacity then claim I doubled lifespan because instead of 500 charges it will last 1,000 [
  12. 4.2V was picked as the best longevity/performance mark of the battery by manufacturers, the cells can be charged beyond that but the life decreases more rapidly the higher the voltage. Charging one cell to 80% vs 100% will double the life of the cell. Discharging one cell to 20% vs 0% will double the life of the cell. Balance chargers start balancing at a set voltage which used to be 4.2V, however 4.1V is becoming common to extend cell life. You cannot balance cells by decreasing the charge voltage to the Battery Management System, the BMS must be set to balance at a lower voltage
  13. Sad to hear about your accident, things like that aren't common but they do happen. You could get back on that horse and ride...roll when you fall...
  14. I love it! (and in hot weather that bouncing should be great for making people motion sick)
  15. Seems Veteran hired Gotway's Quality Control manager...probably had to fill the position... Other than a few quality issues I really like the latest offerings from InMotion, KingSong, and Veteran, though it seems a new wheel purchase will wait until 2022. It's unfortunate Gotway's Monster has so many issues, in 2020 that had looked to be a great wheel for tall people. (Maybe BeGoaty can rename it the "Oops, I Broke It Again" edition...)
  16. You have a source for bearings the rest of us need to know about???
  17. I don't know how you older guys do it...I'm 50 with excellent balance, but not on an EUC. I _s-u-c-k_. Badly. I hadn't seen U-Stride's video before, I'm going to try that...kind of like Sit & Be Fit for EUC riders...LOL. Congrats on owning a R-E...that's a project right there! Awesome parts of history.
  18. Too bad parts 3 & 4 were removed....gives me quivers right down my spine ....which isn't saying much for a hedgehog I suppose...
  19. There was a thread on tethers 2 years ago. I have a clothesline leash on my slow wheel, but also bought paracord and snaps for my bigger wheel based on input from ingenious members (it's the "mechanical fuse" concept). I'm not much for safety, but not endangering others makes sense... ...still working on getting that "bigger wheel." I went out with "Gail the wiring harness Gal" from Gotway...I'll never buy one of their products at retail price...ever...
  20. OMg, they did! "Er-ou-eh" (I'm out of "Likes" again or I'd bang that heart button...) "Glue Gun Gary" is still there taking aim...he's running low on supplies though, now that sales are down... Gary, the "Gotway Glue Gun Guy" Gary's younger brother, "Solder Blob Bob" also stayed through the transition. With the company name change Gotway's soldering tech is now known as "Be-goat-ee Bob" (Note: Key-bye Got-away allows me to use their "Americanized" names on public forums)
  21. Looking at the quality of some brands there's no way I'm spending $2,000 (or more) on a unit I know I'll have to take apart and re-assemble because there are 6 screws loose, two missing, seven cold solder joints, a wire pinched, and without me adding reinforcement the $90 housing will crack nearly instantly. Then I can safely start feeding it parts... LOL
  22. I see @ShanesPlanet hasn't changed...LOL. Hey buddy, you shouldn't be worried, you're the one EUC superhero that can run off an impending disaster and laugh about it! ----- I import stuff from China all the time, and if you expect quality...reset your expectations. Generally a company produces good test units (in this case rims), perhaps also a good initial (small) first-run of units (rims), but the first bulk order you place will have 50% (or more) rejects--50% junk. Half of the rest of the units are out of spec, maybe you can use them. Out of the last 1/4 of your order, figure most of
  23. Only because they're commonly sold that way, but rims and motors are completely separate items. Sometimes motors are difficult to install (which is why rims with motors are commonly sold as a single unit), but the Sherman is difficult get the wheel and motor out of to begin with. Example: Gotway Monster rim (& magnets) only (no motor): (That should be a tubeless rim, don't you think? If only they'd add a lip to land the bead.)
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